Monday, March 23, 2015

INCORRECT USAGE OF TERM ‘PBOR' - Address Ex-Servicemen as ‘Armed Forces Veterans’

Dte Gen of Staff Duties
General Staff Branch
Integrated HQ of MoD(Army)
South Block
New Delhi - 110 011

13048/SD-1B                                                                                                 dt.23 Dec, 2010

Southern Comd (GS/SD)
Eastern Comd (GS/SD)
Western Comd (GS/SD)
Central Comd (GS/SD)
Northern Comd (GS/SD)
Southern Western Comd (GS/SD)
Based on the recommendations of the Chief of Staff Committee, Raksha Mantri (MOD) has approved the proposal that henceforth "Ex-Servicemen" will be addressed as "Armed Forces Veterans".

Army HQ has issued a letter
 on Monday, 7th Feb 2011  ordering discontinuation the use of the word “PBOR”.

The abbreviation/acronym 'PBOR' does not exist in the 'Staff Duties in Fd Appx 'C' - Abbreviation 2006'. However, over a period of time incorrect usage of this term PBOR has become a practice. It is seen and reported by a Comd HQ that the acronym 'PBOR' is being wrongly used in respect of 'JCOs and ORs'.

The issue has been considered at the IHQ of MoD(Army). It has been decided that the acronym 'PBOR' will not be used, instead 'JCOs and ORs' is to be used in all the letters/communications.

The above instructions may be disseminated to the effect for compliance.
( S Sharma )
Lt Col
Offg Dir SD-1
for DCOAS (IS&T)
Copy to :-
All Branches of IHQ of MoD (Army)
All Dtes of GS Branch

[FORWARDED BY M.N.Rao--Hyderabad] 0-99894 21354


  1. The word pbor sounds like creation of division within the forces on caste basis.General to sepoy all are the soldiers of Indian soil.Bullets and guns of enimy do not differenciate rank and file when they penetrate into the body at war.But we do that to show our supremacy. Present renaming is a suitably done.The mindset must change.
    This is my feeling.I may be excused if it hurts someone.Thanks

  2. At least ex service men (jco s & or) is given a small amount of respect calling them veterans.

  3. PBOR means Poor-Bechare-Other-Rank

  4. A late awakening. It should have been done very long back. The usage (PBOR) denotes one is human class and another is sub human class. What a funny?

    Another point is a 'Jawan' has to give his flesh & blood for the organization in which
    he works (Army). He can work a maximum of 32 years say three decades as Sub Maj. But he can never occupy an 'EXECUTIVE ROLL'.. Take the example of police
    organization, it is not IPS cadre's monopoly alone, where an inspector can occupy
    'Executive Roll'. Indian Army is the only organization in India where a departmental
    promote can never attain an 'Executive Roll' even after putting 30 years of service.
    What a shame. Supreme Court allowed 'Women officers' in Army citing equal opportunity for all under Indian Constitution. Is the same opportunity not applicable for Jawans of Indiany Army? Are MIML and DSR are above Indian
    Constitution? Hope 'viceroys' of post independent Army may do an introspection.