Thursday, March 5, 2015



IESM delegation of five members met RM Sh Manohar Parrikar today at 1400 h. The salient points of the issues discussed in the meeting are given below and are attached. I am sure this will satisfy most of the queries of veterans arising out of budget speech given on 28 Feb 15. This is now clear that one needs to be optimistic and OROP will be out soon. However hold your celebrations till Notification of OROP is out as there is many a slip between the cup and the lip. 
Meeting of IESM Delegation with RM Sh Manohar Parrikar on 2 Mar 2015

IESM contacted Sh Manohar Parrikar Raksha Mantri at the end of the budget presented on 28 Feb 15 and communicated to him that ESM in general are disappointed because OROP has not been mentioned in the budget speech of Finance Minister and allocation of funds for OROP has not been announced. RM explained on telephone that OROP has been approved in two budgets and hence it is considered approved and therefore there was no need to mention in the budget speech. He was kind enough to invite the IESM delegation at 1400h on 2 March 15 to clear any doubts if we had any. Following five members of IESM met Sh Manohar Parrikar RM at 1400h on Monday 2 March 2015. 
Maj Gen Satbir Singh SM
Col Kirit Joshipura
Col Anil kaul VrC
Wg Cdr CK Sharma
Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Major DP Singh was also invited by RM for discussion on disability pension issue.

RM made everyone comfortable in the beginning itself that OROP for Armed Forces and Ex-servicemen is NDA Government’s commitment and he has worked out the expenditure for the OROP. He advised that there was no need to cover this issue in budget presented by NDA Government on 28 Feb 15  as it already stands approved by Parliament as part of budget for financial year 14-15. He confirmed that he had discussed the issue with officers of MOD and ironed out all issues of OROP. He also confirmed that OROP is genuine demand of Armed Forces and must be met in full; hence there is no difference in thinking of Armed Forces and MOD. Accordingly file has been prepared and is in process for approval from Ministry of Finance. After approval of the file from Finance Minister, it will be put up for approval of CCPA (Cabinet Committee for Political Affairs). RM has confirmed that MOD has recommended giving OROP for X group and Y group separately. He also confirmed that all ranks including widows have been included in the OROP. He further confirmed that he is attempting to meet the date line for issuance of Government letter (OROP Notification) given by him on 1 Feb 15 meeting with IESM delegation.

There was no doubt left in our minds after such a clear statement by RM and IESM delegation was convinced that OROP is now in safe hands will see the day light soon. General Satbir Singh thanked him and told him that it is first time that the demands of ESM are being given proper consideration and attention. IESM delegation then discussed following issues with RM.

Increase in Widow’s pension w.e.f 24 Sep 12; General Satbir Singh informed him that widow’s pension was not increased in 2012 when pension for all ranks was increased as per recommendations of 6 CPC. Widows must be given that increase in pension. RM expressed concerned on this issue and asked the delegation to give him the note for his consideration.

Major’s Pension Retired pre 1996; It was brought to RM’s attention that MOD is not paying Lt Col pension to Major rank officers who retired pre 1996 on completion of 21 years of service. Major Thomas of pre 1996 retirement had gone won the case in AFT and had been paid enhanced pension. It should be applicable for all Majors who had retired pre 1996 and had completed 21 years of service. RM asked for a detailed note on the issue for his consideration.

Major’s Pension who had retired on completion of 20 yrs but with less than 21 yrs of service; RM was informed that there will be only few hundred Majors who will fall in that category and MOD must consider giving them Lt Col Pension with Major’s grade pay as a special case. RM demanded a paper on this issue also for his consideration.

IESM will be sending the detailed paper on above issues to RM at the earliest.

IESM delegation was encouraged with the response and encouragement given by RM. One can now say that OROP is in safe hands will soon be approved.

(Text courtesy Indian Ex Servicemen Movement)


  1. What is the point of taking X, Y and Z group. OROP means equivalent and theses group like x y and z were as per work related activity but after retirement such activity is not being performed?

  2. Why this groupism X Y or Z. After retirement. All are one.

  3. Creation and or continuation of group amongst exsevicemen (below officers rank) precludes the basic concept of orop. When officers of different categories do not have any group, exservicemen (pbors) while drawing pension should also not be kept in the ambit of such group barrier which will help to ensure them to draw more pension. This will enable them to overcome the present economic imbalances. Although it's a matter of fact that confining pbors into groups may help the govt to spend less, the countrymen must acknowledge that their peaceful sleep at night is possible only for such exservicemen who have given their youth for their motherland and are forced to leave early with the assurance of unemployment and poverty. A lifelong pension of merely five-six thousand rupees increases the burden of pain in Exservicemen's life as they are unable to provide higher education to their children as well as not in a position to find a shelter for their family members. The spirit of orop can only be retained on abolition of such groups.

  4. The OROP in respect of other ranks in X and Y group why it is not in the case of officers. the cook, barber, tailor, cabbler and othe trades man they are first combatant solder then they are tradesman. orop is granted to the meritorious service of soldierly commitment not the trade they are doing in army. I perceive the handiwork of top brass army officers may be reason for the X and Y group cration. let us wait and wee