Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Cow Cess on Defence CSD Canteens Liquor in Pb is criminal.


1. Pb Govt has decided to charge 10% Cow Tax on CSD Canteen Liquor, to purchase fodder for looking after the cows in Pb sheds. This is criminal & killing effect on Faujees. Pb Govt is insensitive to the welfare & respect of Soldiers & Ex-Servicemen. Liquor rates in Pb are already highest in the states around. Please note, here is a Liquor rates comparative chart:- 

Liquor Rates: Comparative Chart
Liquor                        Punjab        Chandigarh    Haryana
Beer King Fisher       Rs 82/-           55/-                39/-                    
Rum Old Monk          Rs 152           116/-               99/-  
Rum Contesa            Rs 163            121/-              103/-      
Blender’s Pride         Rs 465/-          268/-              271/-
100 Pipers                 Rs 721/-          526/-             527/- 

2. You may kindly also note that there are not more than 2-3% tax payers in the country and defence personnel (including retirees) are the highest contributor in this regard. Therefore, we feel that Pb Govt is very unreasonable & illogical in over taxing its ESM & Soldiers in Pb. We request Pb Govt to reconsider this decision & provide relief to Def Pers in Pb. Such expenses should be met out of the state budget funds. We shall be obliged please. 

3. See attachments for more details please.


Lt Col SS Sohi, (Retd) Mob: 9815107744. President,
Ex-Servicemen Grievances Cell (Regd).
HO: 1121 Sec 71 Mohali-160071 (Pb).


(Source- Via- Gp e-mail)


  1. I am 73 y old and firm supported to vote for AKALIES ( BADAL SARKAR ) COW CESS ON FAUJIS IS CRIMINAL & will
    think about to withdraw in - 2017.

  2. I am surprised , how the Badal govt could do this ? Not good .

  3. Till now I was under the opinion that Punjab Govt is always supportive of Faujis.But it turned out to be a friend of former finance minister of P.Chidambaram

  4. All fauji must wait and. Watch for 2017 OVER COW CESS CAREFULLY.

  5. All are crying about Ex-serviceman

  6. What is COW the cows petitioned CM for food.In almost all states cows slaughtered.Not understood what the politicians want. They never saved the human beings nor the animal beings.

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