Saturday, May 28, 2016

Digital India join now ex-servicemen

Controller General of Defence Accounts (Delhi) Aidias Shobhana Joshi pension exact solution through Digital India will very soon. PPO ambitious Confluence Project have been issued more than 16 million. Pensioners under 85 percent of one rank one pension is paid. In this item, payment of Rs 3,500 through various agencies of the Government of India had.

Shobhana Kumaon Regimental Centre Controller General Diwan Singh retired military officers and soldiers in the hall on Monday for the inaugural Defence Pension Adalat was speaking. He committed to preventing problems related pension. The initiative is being concrete. Confluence Project Principal Controller of Defence Accounts, referring to the over 1.6 million PPO from Allahabad have been issued. Former retired pensioners from January 2006 through this project, the SPC can easily take their pension eligibility.

Referring digitized by the Controller General of India, the acceptance and payment of pensions now picks up, the possibility of opening the PPO will end.

Chief of Staff Major General RK Bharadwaj area north issues of pensions for pensioners courts told commendable step. The Pride fighters and war widows pension of 500 problems were diagnosed. Earlier Shobhana Controller General, Chief of Staff Major General Bhardwaj north area jointly launched lamp lit court. KRC Brig program Atesh Chahar, Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Allahabad), including RS Rana Rajya Sainik Board, were present officers of the Defense Ministry and bank branches.

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