Tuesday, May 10, 2016


The following Report Received :

Case was fixed for Final Hearing today i.e., 09 May 2016 and was listed at Bench No. 3 in front of Hon'ble Justice Katake and Hon'ble Lt Gen S Langer at 2 P.M. 

The Sr CGSC, Gp Cpt Bhati (Retd) sought 6 weeks of time for filing some additional inputs. He was under such instructions from MoD. 

The Petitioner, Col Mukul Dev represented by Col Rajiv Manglik (Retd) vehementaly opposed such plea of the Govt. The Court was also of the same opinion that no further time can be given to the Govt/MoD. 

The Sr CGSC pleaded repeatedly for grant of 6 weeks of time. The Hon'ble Court reluctantly granted time till 23rd May 2016 to the Govt for filing whatever additional inputs the MoD wants to file. 

The Hon'ble Court fixed 26th May 2016 for the Final Hearing as a matter of last opportunity to the Govt and made it amply clear in its order that no further adjournment on any ground shall be granted. 

A large number of Petitioners in the NFU case were personally present inside the Court room.


(Source- Via e-mail from Col YC Mehra (Retd) and Samuel Dhar, Vet)

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