Friday, May 20, 2016

RESERVATIONS AND THE TRUTH of a lying Tina Dabi ...UPSC TOPPER (2016) ! (???)

Grandfather (took benefits from reservation): Worked in Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR).

Father (took benefits from reservation) : Worked as an Engineer in Indian Telecom Service.

Mother (took benefits from reservation) : Worked as an Engineer in Indian Engineering Service.

And even Tina Dabi filled her IAS form from the SC Category.

Tina Dabi scores of prelims Paper 1=96.66, CUTOFF GEN=107.33, OBC =106, SC=94 officially she passed UPSC preliminary as a reserved category candidate ....used the quota .....Else she clearly couldn't have even cleared general cutoff 52.8 percent is what she scored in her mains (Shows the quality of people now-a-days opting for UPSC with that low percentage taking you to a topper Category) since she scored highest even though she was a clear disqualifier in the Prelims had she gone thru GEN quota.

All newspapers and media houses covered her stories and she herself said she wants abolition of reservation system and spoke abt having applied thru general category to all n sundry !

How can she secure number 1 position if she applied through SC category?
STOP making her a HERO of the UPSC exam plz !

Now, the question arises, will Tina's children apply from General category???
The Answer is NO.

Even they will also be eligible to avail the benefits of reservation. There is no limit on how many times a so called SC family can take reservation benefits.
And when someone says that reservation system needs to be reviewed.

Whole media and all MPs start targeting him. This is India for you.

(Source - Via e-mail from BHARAT BHUSHAN GHAI)


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    1. since when there are tests about being Pujaris? and have 'Pujari' quota in there?

    2. Since when govt started hiring Pujaris based on exam? and if yes, do they get 'Brahmin' quota or 'Pujari' quota there?

    3. If you are so fascinated to become a priest better fight for it...
      But you people are just after the meat... you people wont fight for priest positin in small hubs... you would ask for a place somewhere in big temples... where even a brahmin needs experience of all the rituals and cult...nobody denies that scheduled caste hasnt been exploited but the one who actually got exploited aint availing the feature.. and someone who already are stabilised are flying the sky living in a shallow pride.we would appoint you priest and you will have to live that kind of lifestyle..

    4. I am not facinated about Pujari.I do not need a mediater between me and GOD.Let me ask you one question.When Hindu dharam is based on Karma who are these dalals in between God and devotees.Are they essential in temples to coney my prayer to God who will listen only from a self proclaimed or appointed Priests.Are Brahmin priest are serving free of cost?

    5. What I understood from renganathshri51's comment was that there is caste based reservation in temples and that too for thousands of years..
      We don't raise our voice against that..
      The hatred inside only creeps out against people of low caste..
      Like u said they dont have to give any exams also to become a priest.. its based on ur caste..
      U become the highest caste based on ur birth..
      We dont want to become priests..
      Nd how do we fight for it??
      When we dont even get to enter them..
      U tell me what is the qualification for that..

      The writer is pointing out that Tina's father and mother took the help of reservations.. Is there any evidence for that??
      They study.. u say they took reservations..
      They do jobs.. u say they took reservations..
      Whey u can come to all conclusions on ur own.. Then what is to discuss..

      I ask one question..
      If Tina had applied through General category..
      Wouldn't the topic have been that SC category people enjoy reserved seats and also eat seats from open category thus taking double benefits..

      Now coming to Tina Dabi..
      She might have used reservations but does that make her a bad human being??
      She has years to prove her honesty nd talent..
      Many AIS are raided by anti corruption department or IT department..
      They have not used reservations but are they doing anything good for the country??
      So how does being a reserved candidate make u bad or good..

    6. sir the problem is not with reservation but it is with those people who does not need the reservation and still getting it

  2. Who employs brahmins and their sons as Pujaris or temple priests?

    You also say this is followed since time immemorial in the caste ridden Indian society.

    Your view that 'the reservation system should and will continue as long as your traditional system of appointing Brahmins as priests in Hindu temples, is strange and lacks logic.

    Please dig in for facts of history, why reservations are introduced by the Govt. I do not wish to elaborate.

    I am pained definitely pained after your above comments. For linking appointment of Brahmins, Pujaris, priests in Hindu temples with reservation to top posts like IAS etc. That too wrongly.

    I have no ill-will against any caste or creed. May be because my joining IAF at 16+ years of age. And the Armed Forces never taught me this.

    Anyway, thanks for airing your views.

    Sgt Gavini VN, blogger

    1. How the priests in Tirumala & Tirupathi are appointed?

    2. How the priests in Tirumala & Tirupathi are appointed?

    3. Pujaris earn peanuts... You are comparing 4k rs job with IAS......Such Dumbs you are.

  3. Reservation is decease in our country. Govt should think it properly and review. Govt is wasting money many unwanted things. Education / Higher education also should be made free for all poor students. Give them extra coaching including lodging/ boarding. But this reservation decease should be removed. .... Regards ... Prakash Pattar. Ex Sub Maj

    1. I do agree SM Sahab with your comment on RESERVATION. If you don't mind, please throw some light on Cast based society in HINDU religion, where Brahmins behave with SC like worst than animals. Please must reply, waiting for your comments. If you are not able to reply rationally, then don't comment on RESERVATION. It is related to each other's.

    2. Who made the caste system in India Or who is responsible for caste system in India

    3. ur the decease to this country

  4. Hi guys constitution has given right to take reservation to Teena stop targeting her no one can demean her achievements.Land reforms and temple pujaries all big stake holders are from upper cast.stop crying I studied 15 hrs
    Lower cast people used as slaves then no body cried foul.

    1. Hi, This is not about upper caste vs lower caste. Though she has not done anything wrong, the discussion here is since she is from a very well to do family whether she should be given the benefit of reservation. Had she not been given this seat, the would have been occupied by someone from SC/ST category. Those who are strong supporter must understand that as long as well off people from SC/ST community continue to get the benefits of reservation, real needy people will never get.

  5. By targeting Teena ur insulting constitution.there was one defence officer commenting I have not availed reservation please spare us we respect u guys but corruption in forces known to everyone,there is no reservation in forces.Take our sports ,there is no reservation still we r not world leaders

  6. This is fine example of manipulation by creamy layer.
    When Ms Tina was such a deserving candidate why she didn't apply in general category.Talking ideals is one thing and setting an example is another thing
    Can we imagine how many deserving candidates get stuck at prelim level a get lost in oblivion
    Article 14 of Indian constitution guarantees the right to equality.The govt should provide all the financial support to education up to graduation to the poor and deprived students irrespective of cast creed or religion so that all should get an opportunity to take civil services exam and prove their mettle in competition
    Even constitution drafting committee recommended a review of reservation system
    it did deliver in society
    Gandhiji himself was against castism and it quite unfortunate today society stands on castline.what an irony!
    When a Gujarat high court judge makes a comment on corruption and reservation,85 MPs demand his impeachment
    It is now at least govt should make financial ground as base for reservation if any certainly not on cast system check further political pollution
    It is certainly is phase of "Antithesis" and would automatically lead to "Thesis" in society as defined by Karl Marx

  7. One side SC,ST ...and other side Brahmin community .Remaining population ??? What is left to them.They toil,sweat and bleed to nurture them.
    This evil and hypocrisy must end soon ,earlier the better for everybody and the country.
    Limit of exploitation !
    Just ,quietly observe ,living styles of these reserved category lot all over ,how arrogant and display their new gotten wealth and prosperity !
    This is clearly new evil from old evil.

  8. Give reservation but only in education. Not in job and never in promotion.

  9. Blog admin should not be biased while publishing comments of viewers on such a serious issue of utmost importance.l would like to appeal to to you to publish my comments dated 20 the may 16

  10. I feel ashamed the way UPSC select so called topper. World laughs at us to know such thing happening on India .

    1. india ashamed of castists like u

  11. Dear Sgt Gavin,
    I congratulate the blogger for exposing the truth about the IAS Topper being from SC Category. I squarely blame the Govt and its ill conceived policies imposed for general category for this rot leading the cut off percentage placing very high as compared to SC/ST. My son could not qualify in the prelims due to the above policy in spite of his relentless hard work.Col Vijay Kumar(Rtd).

  12. Mr Gavini and Mr Prakash have you ever written any comment against the real decease in our society that is castesim.As u have written against reservation have u tried to under stand why the reservation was given to these communities.or can u give your daughter in marriage into these caste,answer is no because you dont have guts to defy the your social norms.or if u do not have knowledge about any matter try to learn it from the Gita,Bibal and Quran of India i.e Constitution of India.

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  14. The upper caste people are using the other benefits than reservations. They and their social aquantances use their power and inluence for providing a jack to their children to progress. But for sure people who have been underpriveledged should be helped but they can not claim a topper status as she is not. Still i congratulate her for her achievements and expect her to promote the no reservation funda in india