Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Fellow Veterans 

Do watch this video and send it to all your contacts 
Just 1 min of your time is all it takes

(Source-Jai Hind Activities Team OROP JM, Delhi)


  1. Make Sure that the huge attention be made to Media and Public.

  2. Hope goodness prevails over PM, FM, DM, and consider OROP without dilution, and three cheers for the rally,

  3. now it is difficult get more media coverage on OROP , so we have to put in wats up groups and face book other new gen media

  4. My Best Wishes for the grand success of the proposed rally. I request that the speakers should refrain from direct criticism of the PM & RM. Emphasis should be on exposing the bureaucracy by highlighting that NFU has been deliberately denied to the Armed Forces, while the same has been implemented for others without making any budgetary provision and carrying out any detailed analysis, as is being done for OROP for the last 18 months. We should also highlight the fact that OROP is already being enjoyed by Top level bureaucrats, MPs, Judges, Chiefs / some Lt Gens and equivalents in Navy & Air Force.

  5. Remember DM stating that good news for ex- servicemen before navarathri, where? Navarathri gone, why should he give statement knowing that it's not in his hands, how many times he did this, if not as DM, morally he is deceiving himself and veterans