Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Exclusive: ‘Arun Jaitley told us that NDA’s promise on OROP was only meant to win elections,’ reveals Maj Gen Satbir Singh - By Rifat Jawaid

The chairman of the ex-servicemen movement, Maj Gen(Retd) Satbir Singh, who’s been spearheading  the soldiers’ fight for the implementation of One Rank One Pension has revealed that the Union Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley had told them the BJP’s poll promises to soldiers were just electioneering tactics and ‘never meant to be honoured.’
Arun Jaitley
Speaking exclusively to, Gen Singh said, “One thing I have learnt that what any of these politicians say are never meant to be believed. That’s the rule number one in India. Mr Jaitley when he was the defence minister, had told me, ‘why don’t you lower your expectations?’
“We told him that the OROP had only one definition. It had only one calculation. It had only one implication. We reminded him that this was in their election manifesto. To which he said, ‘You see General, all the assurances that politicians give during elections are not meant to be executed.’ What a shameful thing for him to say in front of ten of us. If a responsible minister says this then I have no faith in the political system.”
The armed forces veteran said he was extremely unhappy with the media fraternity for deliberately spreading misinformation to make the central government look good. He alleged that the media had ‘sold their souls’ by their false reporting that the central government had settled the veterans’ demand on the OROP.
He said, “Media is lying and spreading false information on OROP. They have no sense of journalism. If everything is settled, then where is the notification? Where is the letter? So, for media to say that everything is settled is diabolically stupid. If the journalism has gone shallow in the country, if the media is all purchased and bought and they have no character, then that’s how media starts spreading misinformation. Because somebody including the government pays them and controls them. But whether the media cover our agitation or not, we are continuing with best of our determination.”
Singh also said that one of the national newspapers had even refused to carry the advertisements paid for by the ex-servicemen. He lost his cool while recounting that experience.
“Times of India refused to carry our advertisement. I have decided not to request the members of India media. One day when they chase me for interviews, I will tell them to get out of my sight. I don’t want to see your faces.”
Gen Singh, who had earlier accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of ‘betraying the very trust of Indian soldiers’ attacked him once again. He said he was surprised that the prime minister, his cabinet colleagues and ‘everybody else’ had time to ‘hold talks with terrorists to broker peace with them’ but they ‘cannot talk to their ‘erstwhile soldiers.’ “Can there be bigger shame than this? ” he asked.
On being asked why he had not sought help from political parties or leaders who sympathised with their cause, Gen Singh said he welcomed support from everybody regardless of the political ideologies they believed in. He, however said that the ex-servicemen will not give them the platform to ‘highjack’ their agenda.
He said, “I welcome support from everybody regardless of political parties they represent. Whether they are Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal or anybody else, they must realise that we can’t allow them to use our mic to highjack our agenda. They are most welcome to come and sit and express their support to our cause. We didn’t allow Rahul Gandhi to speak, neither did we allow Derek O’Brian of TMC or Bhupendra Hooda of Congress.”
The army veteran also revealed that the organisers of the NRI event for PM Modi had approached him to speak from the same stage where the prime minister was scheduled to speak, but he refused because he didn’t ant to insult the Indian prime minister.
He said, “When our prime minister visited USA recently, the chairman of the NRIs group in San Francisco, some chap called Jit Bajwa,  wanted me to come along with the prime minister and speak from the same stage from where Mr Modi was likely to speak. They said they wanted to give us a cheque of 1 million dollar for this agitation. I refused both. I said this was my internal matter and I will resolve within my own country. I will not insult India on foreign soil. We’ve been honourable in our fight. Can the government of India reciprocate by honouring their commitment?”
Gen Singh said there were seven shortccomings in the OROP that the Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar had announced on 5 September. He said the OROP with those shortcomings will not be acceptable to soldiers.
” If those shortcomings are not removed and government goes ahead with the notification, it will kill the very definition of One Rank One Pension. It will then be called One Rank Five Pension. Because same years of service and same rank going to be reviewed after five years would mean that there will be five pensions. These politicians and babus so illiterate that they don’t even know that the armed forces don’t have the VRS. We have the premature retirement, which is the requirement of the government. They want to have a young army. Therefore, the soldiers have to leave after 17 years in service.”
Indian armed forces veterans have been protesting at Delhi Jantar Mantar for last 121 says with several ex-servicemen and their wives taking part in relay hunger strikes.
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    Very saddening indeed.. 
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      Unfortunately nothing ever in this country wad achieved peacefully in our Country. Even Independence in our Country was granted when British realised that they had face the hard elements too. ESM need to speak in the language which the politicians understand .
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          Can Satbir singh tell us what he means by 'hijacking' of their agenda by political parties ? Instead he should've clearly stated the roadmap to the political parties supporting them and asked them to adhere to it.Satbir messed up even that one.These chappies actually had no clue on how to conduct an agitation.They have typical fauji mentality.Sorry to say this.
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              It is sad that military veterans have to resort to agitation & negotiation for their legitimate rights which have been steadily whittled down by a scheming bureaucracy & political apathy ever since independence. Now, with water flowing over the bridge, they have resorted to protest at Jantar Mantar. They may be novices at political protests but they are also quick learners! They come from schools which have repeatedly taught them that in war there are no runners-up. They fight to win, their methods are novel, they believe in surprising their adversaries with out-of-the-box solutions. Best not to let this issue drag on for long lest they become adept at agitating- what turn the agitation may take cannot really be predicted!
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              By driving away Rahul Gandhi ,Kejriwal and others,they used up their last lifeline.Now they are on their own...and nobody will come to support them.Ab unko milega babaji ka thullu. 
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                When did Jaitley tell him all this ? If indeed Jaitley said all this and yet they continued having talks means tht Satbir singh has no idea of how an agitation is conducted.The longer they stretch it,the more the chances of it fizzling out or differences cropping up amongst themselves.Satbir should've known that they are not negotiating with civilized ppl,they are negotiating with hardened criminals and as such,should've never dragged on negotiations by going to parkar and co repeatedly once their intentions were clear.
                Satbir has dropped the catch. 
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                  Hi, you seem quite critical of Gen Satbir yet appear to actually support the cause. Please suggest the road map for conducting the agitation rather than being sarcastic & using comic punch lines.

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                    It is high time India undergoes a long spell of military rule! A lot would be achieved within a short period of time i.e. all kinds of crime & corruption shall get eliminated, terrorists and anti nationals shall leave the country alone, politicians & dhotiwallas shall be consigned to doom, bureaucrats shall be brought to their senses, caste based reservations shall be a thing of past & above all the media shall fall in line. I dont say that everything that plagues the country today shall get corrected but some semblance of sanity shall prevail within a very short time.
                    Imagine making such a promise to the defence forces in Pakistan & reneging on it - the politicians in pakistan cannot even think of going back on their promises.
                    India needs a long spell of military rule & nothing else to set the nation on the right path!
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                    Unfulfillable promises for votes; cash for votes;caste for votes. Is there no constitutionally valid method/procedure to book Jaitley, modi, shah like characters who fool public for electoral gains when they themselves confess were just electoral promises? If this is not professing and practicing the ground rules of goonda / jungle raj, what else is?
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                    The most shocking revelation by Gen Satbir. Can we trust these hypocrite leaders to run the country ? Whether it is Mr Modi or Mr Jaitely !
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                  1. Satbirsingh saheb, yah neta SC ke order ko mazak udate hain to Bihar poll ke bad kiya dega road par aajao or dikhavo apni shakti jawan kiya hota hai?.

                  2. Sir, approval kiyon aap bhi modi se bike hue hai apke approval ko ☺☺☺☺☺☺.

                  3. Sir, Jo desh ke jawan ko ullu banta hain uske liye public ko ullu banana aasan hai or public ko pata chalta hai tab tak samayne apna kam kar diya☺.

                  4. Jantaka reporter bhi modi sarkar ke pas bik chuki hain☺.

                  5. Arun Jaitley is face of BJP and He has shown true character of politicians. These politicians will even not spare their mother if tyhey get few Votes

                  6. Crystal clear. Visible then .Beyond Ray of doubt.State of things ,matters and affairs are in public domain .everybetcody - every citizen , including netas,generals,rich & poor,media,filmi ,IPL.....etc and soldiers too understand .
                    Well - it is simply how persons and people act-react -passive or support directly/indirectly or participate .
                    History has so many such struggles- fights -movements, may even call battles.
                    People will fade or perish in times.
                    Scars and wounds would be there to see.
                    Effects would be for ever.
                    It boils down to people's/ national character !
                    It is very easy to render advise or suggest other ways.
                    It is struggle of aged soldiers of valour who sacrificed their best years of life to give present peace , and prosperity to the Nation - they in boots with visible expressions on their faces without any expectations of some comfortable or lazy living in last lap of their life.
                    They have nothing to gain .it is not money .
                    Ultimately - National gain or loss whichever way persons and people act or abet !
                    Take it or leave it.

                  7. Macro analysis and introspection.
                    Brief review - recent - that police act at JM in aug read with all that ,mere kismat me, orop dediya, given ,giving ,bahutbar diya ,thoda din ,navratri ,shivratri ,election Comm.......etc going on and on with gaged media ....etc .
                    All these are well designed and planned strategy
                    With obvious visible intentions at highest aehelons of present govt.
                    Here,issues are not money or quantum.
                    issues are - more of izzat than quantum of money ,for veterans and Armed soldiers ( in service )____
                    From persons in Govt ( placed/ sitting in office of Govt) , zid,ego and arrogance with disguised agenda .
                    ***** definitely it is not money!
                    In this game of wits Nation and people are loosers

                  8. Dear sir,

                    If what gen says is found to be correct, Jaitley is not a man of principles. for coming to power he may do anything such a cheap man he is, how will he run the government based on false promises and scheme announced by him may find the way out , very sad democracy is in the hands of white color terrorists, only god can save india

                  9. If there was provision till 1973 and with world wide is being paid to soldiers by their Nation than Jaitley is not paying his pockets.

                  10. ये नवरात्रा में नोटिफकेशन दे रहे थे क्या हुआ हवा निकल गई सरकार की

                  11. I was thinking Mr, Arun jaitely is a gentle man when he was in opposition for the lastt ten years. i used get inspired by his remarks in RajyaSbha. Now he is defeted in LS election and he thinks this is due to more 93000 exservicemen peresent as voters and he want to take revenege on this people added to this further fuel added by babus.I don't know wheter PM and RM has any power save us if not as we are in as is where is condition.

                  12. Great Sir. See how gen. Satbir Singh respect India as well as pm . He ignored USA,s guys proposal of donation and speech against India. Pm should learn by his wisdom and sacrifice. He helping the India too by asking 'OROP' for army/veterans so army/Veterans could guard India internally & Externally by anti India enemy with bravery even his/their life/lives. Thanks

                  13. Sir
                    Statement of Gen Satbir Singh is absolutely correct. Govt should resolve the issue and keep ex serviceman happy. Delay will deteriorate situation further.

                  14. Sir ,
                    Show the real power of Indian army and kill this Bab us, who betrayed our country.


                  15. अरुण जेटली और शरद यादव के बीच हुई तीखी नोंक-झोंक