Monday, October 26, 2015


Dear Veterans,.

UFESM had given a call to Generals and Subedar Majors to come to Jantar Mantar on Infantry day on 25 Oct 2015 Sunday. This combination was chosen as this the combination which results enemy defeat in a war zone. We are happy to report more than 100 Maj Generals and above and Subedar Majors from as for as Bangalore, Pune, Secunderabad and Chandigarh came to attend the infantry day being celebrated at Jantar Mantar. 25th  Oct was the 133rd day of RHS at Jantar Mantar. Mood at Jantar Mantar is upbeat and veterans have vowed to continue RHS till full OROP notification is issued by the govt. 

Generals and Subedar Majors spoke to the large gathering at Jantar Mantar to express their solidarity and support for the just demands of Veterans. Everyone was appreciative of the fight put in by the veterans and their determination for the OROP. Bonhomie between all ranks at Jantar Mantar was visible and morale was high.

A memorandum was prepared to be presented to PM by the veterans. This memorandum was signed by all present in their own blood. This memorandum will be delivered to PM on 26 Oct. Copy of memo is attached for reference. 

A large strength of veterans confirmed support to the agitation going on at Jantar Mantar. Infantry personnel including Officers, JCOs and ORs preferred to come to JM despite their invite for Infantry day function from Army Head Quarter. Infantry day was celebrated at Jantar Mantar with full honours. The first flower was presented to senior most JCO of Infantry by chairman of UFESM Lt Col Inderjeet Singh. Also,  a rose flower was presented to all Infantry Officers, JCOs, ORs and ladies.

                      Maj Gen Satbir Singh Giving Blood for Signature

                                                    Maj Gen Jaggi Mahil 

Inline image
Lt Gen Jasbir Singh Ex DG Infantry addressing veterans at Jantar Mantar 

Inline image

                                       Signatures of vetererans in blood

Inline image
Notable among present were

1. Lt Gen SS Grewal Ex AG 
2. Lt Gen Jasbir Singh Ex DG Infantry
3. Lt Gen Bhatia Ex DGMO and DG Infantry 
4. Lt Gen AK Puri

Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Gen Sec IESM

(Source- E-mail)

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