Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ex-servicemen to carry out run to press for One Rank One Pension

NEW DELHI: The ex-servicemen community will carry out a run on Kargil Victory Day on July 26 seeking 'One Rank One Pension', an issue for which they have been protesting for over a month. 

"It will also be step one in the escalation of the ongoing protest. The run will commence at 5.45 AM from DSOI Dhaula Kuan and terminate at Jantar Mantar, venue of the relay hunger strike by ex-servicemen," a statement by the United Front of Ex-Servicemen said. 

The run will be led by Indian Army blade runner Maj D P Singh (Retd). 

45 MP's led by TMC leader Derek O'Brien are likely to visit those undertaking protest at Jantar Mantar, the statement added. 

(Source- Economic Times)


  1. Dear sirs,

    It is us that we have to keep penance and vow to observe the anniversary of our KARGIL HEROES, we are their descendants by virtue of being ex army, our martyr progenitors accept our thithi that is solemn ceremony that we are going to pay tributes in memory of our departed souls of ex army

  2. MP's of TMC may soon be followed by those of CPM/CPI and others just to appear to be on the right side of ESM ....... nothing more than that. All politicians have an unwritten understanding to scratch each other's back, increase their own salary and pensions. Congress and BJP have already played their games with the Jawans , it is the turn of other parties now to make it a tournament.

  3. पूर्व सैनिकों को मानसून सत्र तक मिल सकता है वन रैंक वन पेंशन का तोहफा ये भी चला गया