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Under threat of attachment of property, MoD implements 250 AFT judgments: A bench headed by Justice SS Thakur had made it clear that the tribunal would be taking coercive action to get its orders executed.

New Delhi | Published on:May 25, 2015 9:52 pm

Faced with the imminent prospect of attachment of properties and salaries of the Ministry of Defence, implementation orders in about 250 cases were placed before the Chandigarh Bench of the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) on Monday in petitions pending before the tribunal for non-execution of its judgments.

Some of the judgments, whose implementation orders were produced today, are as old as four years. All judgments pertain to disability benefits for disabled and war-disabled soldiers.
While passing such strong orders for the first time in a bunch of execution petitions last month, a bench headed by the newly appointed judicial member Justice SS Thakur had made it clear that the tribunal would be taking coercive action and invoking the powers of execution under Order 21 of the Code of Civil Procedure (CPC) to get its orders executed, which had not been implemented by the Ministry of Defence.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court had passed an order last year in a Public Interest Litigation titled ‘Maj Navdeep Singh Versus Union of India’ making it clear that the AFT could invoke provisions of Order 21 of CPC to get its orders implemented. Order 21 provides for both detention and attachment of property of judgment debtors. It was brought to the notice of the High Court that “keeping the implementation of judicial orders in suspended animation was an affront to the majesty of law which the Tribunal was duty-bound to protect and was also against the grain of judicial dignity”.

Many organisations, including the All India Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association through its Chairperson, Bhim Sen Sehgal, had repeatedly complained to the defence minister in the recent past regarding the contemptuous behaviour of the Ministry of Defence in not showing due regard to orders of the AFT and for not implementing the same.

The Chandigarh Bench of the AFT was constituted in 2009 and it is stated that more than 70 per cent cases pending before it pertain to non-execution of orders. The failure to get its own orders implemented by the AFT had remained a sore point with litigants. The tribunal has not been provided with the powers of civil contempt and even an explicit execution procedure had not been provided by the government. The Kerala High Court had however ruled that non-implementation of orders by MoD amounted to criminal contempt since it amounted to interference in administration of justice.

Similarly, the Punjab and Haryana High Court had recorded in its orders that the tribunal could invoke powers under CPC to execute its orders. In a separate judgment, the Punjab and Haryana High Court had also ruled that the AFT should be brought under the Law Ministry instead of the MoD. An SLP filed by the MoD against the shifting of jurisdiction is pending in the Supreme Court.

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  • Ak Pandey   Some things in this country follow laaato ke...
  • M Sreenivas   That is a wonderful judgement by the AFT. The lower babudom in MOD is permanent and holds even Generals in contempt. The poor servicemen and exservicemen were running from pillar to post to get AFT judgements implemented even after SLPs of MOD have been stuck down by Supreme Court in some cases. A permanent solution is to shift AFT under law ministry. I am an affected person too. I am a doctor in the Army and an AFT judgement regarding DACP, granting equal pay & perks as other CGHS doctors including civilian veterinary doctors has not been implemented till now, even after approval by Supteme Court in 2008. We Army Doctors have been forced into a long expensive legal battle in Supreme Court by the despotic attitude of minions in MOD, who take pleasure in denying benefits to deserving armed forces cadres & exservicemen. It takes no intelligence to understand that Army doctors are more than equal to CGHS colleagues in dangers and difficult tenure faced, in work ethic and in wearing two hats and risking life in line of duty. Are we less deserving of DACP when civil doctors under MOD have already got it? Do not insult the memory of Late Jyotin Singh, the recent Ashok Chakra winner, who was an Army doctor too...


  1. dear sir,

    It is my humble request that when the perks of MPs come, the parliamentarian are in one voice they get it sanctioned, it is the miscarriage of democracy, we know pretty well this government is non functional, this is our democracy where soldiers and farmers are slighted, we should do something extraordinary step to convince the people, now strong power is necessary that is army, they should rule the government otherwise the country will be shattered into pieces

    1. Yes sir. i have already mentioned this point last year itself in my comments. This idiots are carrying india i don't know where. they want 6 rs masala dosa, If they pay like us rs. 50 they will take one only when they get for Rs. 6 they can go for four or five. bloody stupids are eating like pigs and sleeping like bull in the parliament you might have notice on TV. Shameless creatures.

  2. My voice/request to Shri Anna that he should check the difference in increase the pension of Jawan and Officer. Someone from MOD told that the high increase benefit has been given to Officers only, for jawan LOLLY POP only

  3. Totally benefit to officers increase Rs.10000/- to Rs. 20000/-for JCOs/OR/Widow only Rs.100/- to 500/- please take part in the rally and point out this.

  4. Some one from MOD told who? Please do not make statements with out seeing the facts in writing. If it is true this may have to do with the adjustments made to close the gap in 2012

  5. These propagandas are simply for making complication among Veterans.A Hav having 17 years of pre 2006 getting7300 whereas post 2006 Hav of same service will get10700.That a difference of 3400.Then how they are telling only diff 100 to 500?

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