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found out where Jaitley's true allegiance lies, back in 2010-11, when we were running from pillar to post seeking legal opinions on Gen VK Singh's DoB scandal. In a hope that Jaitley will give us a fair hearing, and ignorant of the factum of his allegiances, we approached him for his  assessment of the legal position. His words, without even opening the file that we carried for his perusal, still resound in my mind as pincers‎, "You've climbed the Everest and now you want to build a house there?". 

(Now recollect that when IESM delegation went to meet Mr Jaitely on OROP in Jun 2015 His answer was almost the same "I  haven't opened the file yet" & in  no time  next we heard that file is back in MOD)

We left disappointed and distraught. He also happened to be the Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha during the UPA regime. Now, when we see in hindsight, we realise as to why the issue of a  blatant injustice being met out to the country's Army Chief was never raised in the Parliament by the opposition, despite there being daily outcries in national media for all the wrong reasons, and isolated statements by several opposition leaders here and there. Jaitley obfuscated any such concerted move in Parliament. 

That's when one realised that Jaitley, although a member of BJP, was actually doing the biding for Congress party and the Arms Mafia in their efforts to truncate the  tenure of Gen VK Singh. He has been further reported to be boasting openly in his media darbars that he was never in favour of allowing Gen VK Singh's entry in BJP, but it was the PM who brought him in against better sense. 

This is the patent language of an Arms lobbyist who is still wary  of the person, who upset their applecart of Tatras, being part of the Govt. Gen VK Singh is also seen as a villain by the Mining & Natural Resources lobby as he foiled Chidambaram's designs to deploy Army in the Red Corrodor
, Chhattisgarh to begin with, so that tribals could be wiped out in the name of Maoists, and illegal plunder of our Natural Resources could be carried out by the likes of Vedanta/Cairn with impunity, on whose Board of Directors Chidambaram served till the last day before he became a
 Minister. Chidambaram-Jaitley nexus further fortified against Gen VK Singh as Chidambaram bayed for VK's blood with Jaitley assisting as Leader of Opposition. 

While Jaitley remained the Defence Minister for six odd months, he did immense damage to the Armed Forces and the indigenisation ‎efforts. He ensured de-blacklisting of  the evil nexus of the Arms Mafia and its favourites that have plundered our defence budget for decades. While Agusta 
Westland was blacklisted, Jaitley moved for clean chit to its parent, Finmeccanica of Italy. Now it's back in the race to supply dubious equipment to us. Another blacklisted favourite appears to be Rheinmettall. Though Rheinmettall is blacklisted, it's making inroads through shady fronts,thanks to Mr. Jaitley. 

A shady consortium has been floated as a front with Baba Kalyani, Bharat Forge, etc who have proposed to indigenously ‎make the successor to our ages old Air Defense gun in the name of Make in India. None of the Consortium companies have the credentials to make such a product, therefore, they're going to buy some old technology, understandably from Rheinmettall itself, which will be slightly younger than our own gun but nowhere near the latest technology, which it should be given the kind of proposed price. 

The Israeli anti-tank missile 'Spike', is also under process to be made in India, again in JV with  Baba Kalyani. It appears Baba Kalyani is a just a front to generate kickbacks while all sorts of equipment is dumped on India. If Rafael of Israel, developers of Spike, are to makeit in India and sell it to our forces for a reasonable price, they could make it with Bharat Dynamics Ltd., which is already making our homegrown missiles, rather than Baba Kalyani who has no experience or wherewithal in the business. Interestingly, again, Rheinmettall holds 40% stakin Israeli Rafael. Rest is anybody's guess.

These are two small examples of anti-national activities of Jaitley as defence minister. This man has always been in bed with the Arms dealers. He enjoys their hospitality while travelling abroad. 

I call upon the veterans to examine these issues minutely and build an opinion about the true character of this enemy of the People. For, it's he who is responsible for the OROP fiasco forcing our veterans to observe hunger strikes


Vishwajeet Singh ,

 Devasahayam MG <>Sent:
 Sunday 19 July 2015 11:47 To: S. Kalyanaraman

Subject: Re: Will the PM ask  the real Arun Jaitley to please stand up? -- Ram Jethmalani.

NaMo, restitute kaalaadhan, the nation trusts you.

Trust in Narendra Modi is eroding fast. 

He is caught in the vortex of the degenerate 'Delhi Durbar' which is responsible for India's 
oligarchy/kleptocracy from Emergency days. Unless he breaks out of it soon he will get stuck within the chakravyuh with little chance of getting out of its vicious
During Manmohan Singh's prime ministership starting from 2004 I have been repeatedly writing about the inbreeding coterie which has been leading him down the garden path. He did not listen and it was this coterie which finally did him in and today his reputation and integrity are in ruins.

What is the guarantee that history will not repeat itself?

Sycophants and yes-men may make a leader glow with the feeling of 'greatness' in the company of 'high and mighty'. But actually they are making him/her small  by distancing them from the common man? Hope Modi realizes this.
 Better sooner than 
 MGD--(This 'Genlteman', pursued by the famous Mr Jethamalani for corruption allegations, also stands for non-implementation of ourOROP)



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  1. Jaitley is following PC foot steps. Modi must replace him now.