Thursday, March 30, 2017

Another फण्डा to generate MONEY out of hard earned INCOME of veterans and serving men...

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(Source : FB A/c of Praveen Kumar Thakur Air Warriers Gp)


  1. Can any learned veteran explain as why liquor and grocery cards issued to veterans at a cost rs 370 are valid only for one year .This sounds illogical and amount to cheating of poor veterans with meagre pension.
    It is clear case of misappropriation .every veteran need to make at least two card that means 370*2400000=886000000rs per annum to be taken from poor veterans for no logic.earlier the cards were valid till loss or mutilation .
    This needs to be taken for review at appropriate level

  2. One card is costing Rs. 135/- and each card is for ten years