Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dear Veteran, Did you ever notice? -To prove the name of your wife, How you runs from office to office - A POEM BY SGT PKTUTEJA, AIR VETERAN”

Dear  Veteran , Did you ever notice ?//

To prove the name of your wife,

How a Veteran runs from office to office//

A women inherits the suffix with her name,

So called “The Gotra”  of her  in  laws//

But the system so called “Rules &Regulations “,

Why does that have in it,  many  flaws?//

That is ancient culture of the Indian society//

Why so many  hurdles, for  her new name then,

in the  veteran’s   documentary?//

After the  demise  of  the  veteran ,

the   lady ,  so called  “Veer  Nari”.

For her own pension,

She runs  from  one  pillar to another,

from  one  court to  the other.

and lives with all that kind of tension.

And still be called “A Veer Nari”//

That is the real treagdy,

being   faced  by  that so called “Veer Nari”//

Has not the  time  come  for a change?

Does not the  system  now need a real change ?

Then and only  then,

She shall  proudly be called a “ Veer Nari”//

(Source : Via e-mail request)

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  1. Dear sir, she is called veer nari because she bears all this tension of running from pillar to post !