Monday, September 21, 2015


Dear Veteran,

I have been receiving e-mails from various writers viz. Gen Kadian, Col Arsu and others.
Bureaucrats have taken us for a ride since 1973 on our status, finances with deliberate delays and have benefited themselves by increasing their margins through Apex grade, NFU while delaying Court Cases for Ex-servicemen.
While I agree with recommendation of Col Arsu for unification we should not Settle for diluted OROP.
We have Ex Chiefs of Army/AF/Navy not coming forward to support our demands. It seems they are happy with Apex Pension grades and are least concerned about REST of Ex-Servicemen or the widows. These Generals and other Lt Generals  getting Apex Pensions  are currently part of ESM organisations. Gen Balbir Singh probably may be one of them.
With the aim of consolidating our effort why not request Apex Pensioners to FOREGO the same. Why not have Dharnaas outside the residences of       Ex Chiefs and APEX Pensioners?
Rather than BLAME GAME why don't each organization do MORE THAN THE OTHER?
What the likes of me "Happily settled in Canada" are concerned are that IESL  wants to Accept Diluted OROP! Why? We have not got it for 43 Years and would any more years without Full OROP KILL US?
You seem to be Asking for LESS!
It was some ten years back I was approached to join IESL. I attended couple of meetings which ended with celebrations using either collected funds or from individual responsibility of members. Both sources of finance were discriminatory because all officers are never able to meet such expenses and certainly MOST JCOs (I am son of a JCO) & PBORs were not certainly. This expenditure created a "Sense of Superiority/Inferiority" amongst attendees.
Gradually I did realize that many members had Political Leanings. Any political leaning has done us harm like the current one which started in Rewari. Why is Gen VK SinghQUIET? Does he want Dilution? I remember his Force & Energy while fighting for his Date of Birth and stepping onto Anna Hazare "Band Wagon"! Why is he not raising voice against Bureaucracy by being within The Govt. and as a Minister? it is Mind Boggling and questions his intentions. He is one of those getting Apex Pension + Pay of MP + Assured Pension of MP.
Should he or Col Rathore ever be bothered about horde of other Ex-Servicemen?
Settled in Canada in a Very Happy prosperous Family I am to achieve nothing out of ORROP. What has made me involve  Is The Troops I Commanded and Colleagues and their welfare Post retirement. I am already involved in Social service Activity in Punjab. Increment through OROP is not going to help me. 
ALL ESM Organisations have been COOL over PM Announcement on Poor Indian paying for OROP is Extraordinarily Insulting. You all must be aware that MOST PBORs & JCOs are farmers and from Poor Families. Farmers are committing suicide as well. JCOs & PBORs Affected by Double Whammy! I am from a farming family and am fully aware of the problems farmers face due Political & Bureaucratic callous.
ESM in Haryana trying to celebrate Diluted OROP Is Shameful. Someone amongst them Has Political Ambitions. Future would certainly reveal that. Gen VK Singh & Col Rathore have Set A Wrong Precedence unless they join the Current Agitation.
I humbly request ESM organisations TO UNITE and get the best out of Political Leaders and Bureaucrats rather than becoming part of them like Gen VK Singh and Col Rathore have done.
Jai Hind and God Bless!
Col Harcharan Bajwa
Vancouver, Canada

(Source- via Gp e-mail)

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