Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ex-servicemen now threaten 'fast-unto-death' over OROP

Ex-servicemen on Saturday threatened to launch "fast-unto-death" agitation if the government does not remove the "anomalies" in the 'One-Rank, One-Pension' scheme announced by it last week as hundreds of veterans held a 'Sainik Ekta' rally.
Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh
The rally at Jantar Mantar was attended byex-servicemen from 22 states and five Union Territories, the organisers claimed. "We have all resolved to continue our protest till such time that the government removes the seven anomalies in the OROP scheme announced by them," said Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, President of Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement, who is spearheading the agitation since about 90 days.
"Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has said a written order on OROP will come out in a month. If the anomalies are not removed by then, we will resort to fast-unto-death," he told He said the veterans have been seeking for an appointment with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to explain the OROP issue. "But he said yesterday that OROP is being given at the expense of the poor people in the country. We have been deeply hurt and are anguished over this comment," Singh said.
A few ex-servicemen earlier undertook 'fast-unto-death' but ended it after government announced OROP last Saturday. Satbir Singh's threat came as hundeds of ex-servicemen participated in a rally here to demand full implementation of OROP as proposed by them.
However, cracks appeared in the front of ex-servicemen this week with factions levelling allegations against each other. While a section of the veterans were against holding the 'Sainik Ekta' rally, others feel they have been let down by the government, which had announced OROP on Saturday last.
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  1. 'Sainik Ekta' Rally, now to be removed the anomalies.Cracks are sign of weakness and bureaucrats will get their matto ' Divide and rule'. Union is strength. Pl get to together and have meetings with DM & Modi ji to remove anomalies. Thanks

  2. Pl respect Gen Satbir. He worked hard for all of us not himself.


  3. During the speech the remarks given by the Prime Minister, OROP is being given at the expense of the poor people in the country, at Chandigarh are of a very down graded and very low level of speech.  That is not of the level of a country's prime minister status and respect.  I would say, did he not try to split the general public and the veterans of this country?  Did he not try politicizing the speech to create enmity amongst countrymen?  Ask Prime Minister Narendra Modi, where are all others pensions, high salaries, allowances and perks of all politicians, beaurecrats coming from?  It doesn't look wise thing on part of prime minister to divide countrymen for the sake of his party gain as well as his own position gain.  It is a biggest shame on prime minister and a lowest level of politics.

  4. Dear General Satbir Sir, with your Field Martial-ship in Jantar Mantar War, we succeeded. I, as a veteran with 38 years service followed by 4 years botheration by the army being a presiding officer of few Cs of I and a star witness for many GCsM. I as a veteran would love to accept anything given by the honest government. But the statement of Mr Modi so called PM at chandigarh made me so unrest. Other than defence armed forces people who else is taking care of poor in the country. This PM says he gave us OROP at the cost of poor people. A PM saying so hinting defence veterans shows that the whole country people should go against the armed forces veterans. Does this PM know how in addition to our charter of duties how we protect our country and our country people in any situation be it natural calamities, be it arson, be it proxy war, be it naxalism, be it aid to civil authorities. What makes this PM to make such a statement at Chandigarh saying that he granted OROP at the cost of poor in the country. He made a total derogatory statement which shows the armed forces veterans are lower than the poorest of poor. This PM has got narrow minded thoughts and he does not know the service and status of service and ex-servicemen. This PM has made a statement damaging the image of the service and ex servicemen. Even Honourable Supreme Court has given judgement in favour of ex-servicemen in OROP cases. Since this PM made such a derogatory statement, why not we file a case/petition in Honourable Supreme Court against the PM of the nation damaging & denigrating the status of ex-servicemen below the poorest of the poor of the Nation. This immature PM (immature in thoughts) we the ex-servicemen are fighting for money but he would never understand that we are fighting for our rights. The day a Jawan cant ask for his right how does he fight for his rights with the enemy? Please Sir, let us file a case in judicial courts against this PM for damaging the honour and respect of the ex-servicemen. This will teach a lesson to every one in the country.

  5. The Govt has not declared the OROP from the core of their heart and, is, against their will, as it appears from the statement, made by PM . Really It is very sad THKS

  6. Yes Col MS Raju Sir, I am more than 100% agree with your opinions and plan for suing the PM in higher court for damaging the respect and honour of veterans of this great country as well as all three services on duties.  It is not only the insult and demoralizing the defense forces but also letting down the image of the forces in the whole world especially in the eyes of our neighbour countries.  PM proved himself a very silly and a man of very poor thoughts.  Please consult the best lawyers to file suit against PM to teach a lesson to all politicians and the beaurecrats.