Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Details of meeting was held by the Department of Ex Servicemen Welfare called by JS ESW and in the Presence of Secy ESW.

The following were present:

Lt Gen Balbir Singh-- Chairman IESL
AVM Misra--------IESL
AVM Chopra--- AFA League
Gp Capt Sethi-- Secy AFA League
Col H N Handa-- President DIWAVE
Capt N K Mahajan-- President Emeritus- DIWAVE
Jt CGDA and his colleague
Dir Pension MoD Mr Singhal Deputy Secy
U/s Pensions Shri Prem Prakash

The meeting was basically to assess the issues of Veterans of all ranks to enable the department to proceed on issues that were foremost in their minds.

1. AVM Misra brought out the deficiencies of medicines and unavailability in ECHS, the necessity of implementing the proposal pending these past few years of direct issue through empaneled chemists; the difficulty of admission in hospitals by ECHS patients: the non acceptance of some hospitals in charging ECHS rates from Veterans on production of ECHS cards  etc. He was supported in this by AVM Chopra.  It was pointed out by JS ESW that though it had taken six years to finalise the proposal, it was now being studied after taking into account the suggestions by Def (Fin) and being processed. 

2. The JS ESW also stated that another meeting would be called shortly wherein the MD ECHS . DGAFMS representatives would be present to discuss all issues concerning medical support.

3. AVM Chopra brought out the issue of no representation by Veterans in deciding policies when they were the real beneficiaries. Asking for suggestions etc from Service Headquarters but leaving out the Veterans was a matter of concern.  This was noted by JS ESW and accordingly methodology would be modified.

4. AVM Chopra brought out the non issue of PPO's to a large number of  Veterans. At this, the JS ESW explained that the exercise was carried out for the Army PPO's and a reconciliation of PPO's of Airforce retired personnel was now necessary in which assistance would be sought from the Airforce.

5. Capt Mahajan pointed out the difficulty faced by the Disabled, especially the Othopedically disabled in procuring their essential accessories and the cumbersome procedures involved. The case of Maj R K Arora and others were highlighted. The JS ESW assured that these issues would be looked into.

6. The necessity of empanelment  of Prosthetic centres was brought out to provide a level playing field. On this certain progress has been made but based on Def (Fin) suggestions the cases would be processed.

7. The order of 3rd October 2015 on which the circular 547 was issued by PCDA(P) was brought to the notice of the Secy ESW. The JS ESW explained the reasoning behind the issue of the said letter and assured of a clarification on the same. In the meanwhile PCDA(P) letter on the subject based on DIWAVE representation was read out by the undersigned which read" The circular 501 has not been superseded by circular 547. The provision of modified parity pension which is a safeguard /minimum pension for the rank and qualifying service issued in 6th CPC vide PCDA(P) Allahabad Circular no 397 has been modified from minimum of Pay Band to minimum of fitment table. Service Pension rates issued vide circular No 501 according to the recommendation of CSC-2012 are still payable wef 24-09-2012 since beneficial."

8. The arbitrary action by CGDA to reduce disability assessment awarded by the board or the non acceptance of special family pension of the widows of battle casualties needed to be stopped. All such should be referred back to ESW for clarification where doubts were raised. We requested the ACGDA to provide a phone number and contact of an officer who could be contacted for queries.

9. Since the disability pensions in MoD were diverse and very complicated, it was suggested that a separate department in  PCDA(P) be created. 

10. The wordings of the 1972 policy letter on pensions of those disabled and invalided out of service was brought out and the different effect  on the service element of pensions of such personnel was brought to the notice. This was noted.

11. The issue of broad banding of disability pensions was brought out. The JS ESW indicated that the issue was still under consideration and a final decision on the matter had yet not been taken.

12. The issue of many PMR cases getting service pension on completion of 20 years, but denied disability element was raised. It was intimated that all such cases are now receiving disability element as well.

13 DIWAVE pointed out that since disability element was a special dispensation, the question of not granting disability in all cases on pre mature retirement should be done away with.Disability element being a financial compensation for the loss of capacity for normal living and functionality and anyone exiting from the service with permanent disability should be entitled to it not withstanding his seeking premature retirement. Since it involved Policy, the JS ESW intimated issue is noted for address.

4.THE JS ESW was informed of the two AFT cases lodged by DIWAVE based on re-fixation of disability on percentage terms wef 1-1-96 to Dec 2002 bringing it at par with civilian disabled pensioners and the other based on 1972 letter on maximum of pension and not minimum. It was requested that the reply of MoD was awaited even after four hearings and reply needed to be provided to AFT to arrive at a conclusion of the case. The point was noted.

15. The request for enhanced family pension for widows of DISABLED INVALIDED OUT PERSONNEL was again raised. It was brought out that the PS Directorate had incorrectly interpreted the requirement for all disabled and hence rejected. On clarification that the issue only involved approximately 4000 personnel and data had been provided to JS ESW. This was noted and the matter would be re-considered.

16. It was requested that in future whilst issuing orders on Pensionary or other benefits, they should be composite and envelop all beneficiaries including disabled of various categories and widows.

17. The request was made for inclusion of the Institute of Biliary Sciences for empanelment since it was an Autonomous Government institution.- This was agreed to.

18. DIWAVE pointed out that though the MD ECHS had issued instructions for the war wounded in ECHS to be treated on priority, the implementation was faulty as orders had not been relayed. Further a notice to this effect was necessary. This was required also in Military Hospitals to ensure speedy and priority service to the war disabled. This was agreed and necessary action would be taken.

Col H N Handa,President 
Disabled War Veteran's (India)
B6/6 DLF City, Phase 1,
Gurgaon 122002, Tele: 0124-4051570
Fax: 0124-4051572, Mob: +919811920190

(Source- Via Gp E - mail)

1.   Maj Gen S.G.Vombatkere Veteran

It is strange that the fauji drill of putting a date to every communication has not been followed - the date of the meeting is not found mentioned. 

Also, the very urgent point raised regarding changing ECHS Rules to allow semi-private ward admission for Other Ranks in empaneled hospitals, was not discussed. This may please be discussed in the very next meeting. 

2.  Col Latif Vadakkayil Veteran 
The meeting was basically to assess the issues of Veterans of all ranks to enable the department to proceed on issues that were foremost in their minds. A Forthright criticism may not be palatable to many for truth is bitter.
The purpose of the meeting  itself spells out “Issues that are foremost in their minds" . surprised NOT TO Find  the “FOREMOST POINT in the minds of ESM” discussed  in this meeting ,unless , the foremost point  in mind of ESM   is Not  OROP. 
The Timing and General environment of the so called meeting , the composition of the attendees, The absence of representatives of IESM or similar Larger ESM organisations  and the current points discussed without taking any feedback from the ESM-environment , etc leads to suspicion of the intent of the meeting .  
In a democratic environment, it is mandated that mutual consultations and approvals of members are a must before such points of common interests are discussed in a forum like this, unless the intention of the meeting was otherwise. 
It would have been better for the so called Leadership, to gather  points from the ESM environment and codifying it logically and putting it across logically and effectively  . The points and the way the points where projected, discussed and resolves sought , gives an impression that the meeting was more of a "Chay-samosa par Charcha " than a welfare  meeting of ESM leadership with the JS/Secy DESW.
At best it could be termed , A meeting of  ill prepared ESM-leadership , who were neither aware nor could  project the burning issues affecting the ESM. 
It is under stood that   circular 547 would be reviewed and clarifications issued at an early date .It is understood from the mail trail that  Circular 547 is a replacement to  circular 397.
Cicular 501 was discussed but the mail trail is silent on circular 430(Revision of pension of JCO/OR wef 1/7/2009) and its conflict  with circular 547.
JCO/ORs Family pension issues were never touched simultaneously with the above circulars . After issue of  The circular 397  future enhancements of JCO/OR family pension,  every family pensioner irrespective of QS, would be paid OFP for max QS( 28 years & above ) as is done for Officer Family pensioners. This principle was followed in circular 547 and this was not followed in circular 502 (wef 24/09/2012)( the family pension in this circular is given as per Different QS This point should have been discussed and resolved. 
It is a norm that when pension is revised, the family pension is also revised. Such a norm is followed in the case of family pensioners of Officers  .Pension of Pensioners were revised wef 1/7/2009 (Circular 430), but OFP of JCO/OR  was not revised  . What is the way forward ? This point should have been discussed and thrashed out .
The information  on pension and pensioners issues may not be in the personal  knowledge of those ESM leaders , who attended the meeting .The least , they should have done , was to take feedback points from experts on various fields amongst the ESM. The Post-meeting report gives an impression that the leaders have made a specimen of themselves by not been able to project the genuine points effecting the ESM specially JCO/OR and their families . It seems  that Professionals having knowledge of pension related issues were missing in the delegation of ESM and accordingly ,  crunch points did not find the light of the day . 
The disabled Veteran's points have been adequately represented by DEWAVE and Points concerning the balance of 25 Lakhs Veterans did not find light of the day .
The ECHS point : Points put across vaguely and reply even more vague without any concrete out come or a commitment .It is understood that Another meeting with MD ECHS and DGAFMS are being planned . Hope ECHS related points are put across forcibly and resolve arrived at in this meeting . The major issues related ECHS are  the manifestation of comparatively lesser budget allotted to ECHS against the  CGHS . Many of the issues emanating are because of shortage of funds and resources . The MD ECHS and DGAFMs do not have the Aladdin’s Lamp to create wonders when required funds/resources are not provided  to them  !!! . 
The Points discussed in meeting regarding issue of 2006 Corr PPOs ,   It apparently gives an impression  that All Army and Navy personnel have got their 6CPC PPOs  and only IAF is only  lagging behind . It is reiterated that many Army officers have not got the 2006 PPO and most of the JCO/ORs of Army also have not got it. Pressure should be put on the PCDA (Pension) to issue these PPOs at the earliest. This point was earlier goofed up by our Reps in the past SCOVA meeting and again the issue is back to  Square one .
In future such leaders going for such meetings should collect points from the ESM environment, deliberate it and finalise and present it professionally to the DESW/MOD . Sirjee , It is a democracy  where every ESM  is a stake holder and the ESM leadership should ensure participation of its members in formulating issues and resolve brought in towards their  problems rather than making such meetings as a “Chay pe Charcha “.

(Source- Via Gp e-mail)


  1. The real issues concerning the POTA community is not discussed

  2. Sir I was retired on 31.8.2005 on completion of twenty and half years in the medical category P2 as PMR, no disability benefit was given to me except service pnsion, sir, please tell me the disability elements are applicable in this case.

  3. Sir I was retired on 31.8.2005 on completion of twenty and half years in the medical category P2 as PMR, no disability benefit was given to me except service pnsion, sir, please tell me the disability elements are applicable in this case as per para 12 of meeting held on 29.9.2015.

  4. As per 12 of meeting I was not granted disability benefit as PMR on completion twenty one and half years of service on 31.8.2005. Am I applicable for this.

  5. As per 12 of meeting I was not granted disability benefit as PMR on completion twenty one and half years of service on 31.8.2005. Am I applicable for this.

  6. Became a low medical Category "C" immediately on return from LEH, Ladhak. Took PMR as there was no scope for promotion while in low medical category, is the veteran entitled to ant disability allowance