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India's bureaucracy is the worst in Asia, according to a report.

India's bureaucracy is 'worst in Asia'

  • 12 January 2012
  • From the sectionIndia
Government offices in Delhi
Image captionIndia's many bureaucrats are rarely held to account, the report said
The report by Hong Kong-based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy ranks bureaucracies across Asia on a scale from one to 10, with 10 being the worst possible score. India scored 9.21.
India fared worse than Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and China.
The report said India's bureaucracy was responsible for many complaints businessmen had about India, like lack of infrastructure and corruption.
It also said that Indian bureaucrats were rarely held accountable for wrong decisions. "This gives them [bureaucrats] terrific powers and could be one of the main reasons why average Indians as well as existing and would-be foreign investors perceive India's bureaucrats as negatively as they do," said the report, quoted by the Press Trust Of India news agency.
India's government has not reacted to the report.
Singapore remained the country with the best bureaucracy, with a rating of 2.25. It was followed by Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia.


  1. Actions of our babus confirm the report.Even general public will vouch for this.

  2. The britishers taught us many things.They brought trains, surface transport and many othre developments to India.They taught us how to run a govt and provided infrastructure to run a nation of iIndias shape and size.We have to be grsteful to them but unfortunately after independence we have to face with the attitudes of bureaucrsts of Indian origion .Exceptionslke mr l p singh are always there.In our constitution civil services have certain privilages so that they could function with out any fear and pressure.Unfortunately this privilage gets misused .We got to overcome this ptoblem and make the bureaucrats accountable for their actiond then only we can move forwarf.

  3. Yes, I fully agreed with the comments as made above as Indian Bureaucracy things that they are above all including Supreme Courts, as per my this Bureaucracy cadre to be abolished with immediate effect as there is no use for any person, public in any meaning in which I consider that Indian Bureaucracy is cursed for the Nation and Society including Common, poor and Indian Armed Forces. Excellent article. Keep it up

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  5. Yes I endorse your view this British type administrative cadre should be abolished.

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