Wednesday, September 9, 2015


If in spite of the PM assuring that the prematurely retired faujis will not be denied OROP, ESM is continuing with the agitation.This is because of the continual short changing and the consequent sowing of seeds of distrust and that has been happening since 1973. 

The faujis cannot let the movement lose steam and be short changed again in the last minute over “minor issues.” The larger issue of trust deficit, which has ballooned over the years, needs to be addressed by the top leadership and not let the low cunning of the babus influence and aggravate the state of affairs.  There is no evidence of the top leadership waking up to this!

For the first six months when Jaitley was the RM nothing moved. Was it to wear out the retired faujis who were thought to be incapable of mobilising resources to carry out an effective agitation? 

Jaitley-ji seems to have grossly miscalculated. 

It only helped in the scales falling from the eyes of the retired faujis revealing that something sinister was on. Disparate parts coalesced under the leadership of Gen Satbir Singh to show that the faujis can get resolute. 

Parrikar was brought in who after considering the inputs from all the stake holders cobbled up a proposal and sent it to the FM. The file shuttled between the ministries endlessly. The fine art of procrastination practiced by the babus inflamed the faujis. 

Reason and entreaties by the fauijis was falling on deaf ears. 

The press was fed with stories of unbearable pension bill ballooning out of control. What was not mentioned was that the number deaths of retired faujis will soon over take the inflow of freshly retired faujis, reducing the pension burden over time. The intake at the officer level has been declining since 1973 and there is a crippling shortage -- fewer will retire in future. 

When appeals to reason and entreaties by ex-faujis failed, the relay-hunger strike at Jantar Mantar was started. 

The use of police force, roughing up of 80 year olds, and the start of indefinite hunger strikes stirred sympathetic and concerned organisations like the RSS. The retired Chiefs started thawing out and making pro OROP statements. Bihar elections were looming. 

OROP was finally announced with impossible and petty riders.The mention of VRS and denial of OROP to prematurely retired faujis stunned every one. The method behind it went over every one’s heads. 

It should be enquired into.  

The very next day. PM announced that the VRS/PMR will not be denied OROP.

However it was stressed that “minor issues” will take a minimum of 6 months to sort out by their appointed man. 

The ex-faujis used to speedy decision making after due deliberation without dithering, feel that 10 days should be more than enough to sort out the “minor issues”. The ex-faujis have been generous in acceding one month.

The ex-faujis are entreating that the inputs of ex-faujis should be considered so that the history of short-shrifting of ex-fauji’s entreaties is not repeated. Entreaties and attempts to reason will not work? 

After every war a “lessons learnt” exercise is carried. What lessons has the above taught the ex-faujis? 

Build and flex ones muscles to be noticed and heard? Do not lower ones guard and don’t trust anyone? 

Ex-faujis have been forced to come of age and have lost all innocence.  What a shame!

Our top leadership has their work cut out for them in restoring the trust deficit. 

A palliative offer of kiss and make up will cut no ice.

(Source- via e-mail from Lt Col T Saibaba)

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