Monday, September 21, 2015


Dear Veterans
UFESM/IESM is surprised at the suggestion/advise flowing out of those ESM who had never participated in agitation for OROP. Most of the ESM have not understood the meaning of this unilateral declaration of OROP. Please read it carefully and you will understand that this is not OROP but is only small increase of few hundred Rupees for all ranks. If you all wish to take it you are all welcome. In any case this money will come to your bank asap the Govt letter is issued. The Govt letter could be issued within a month as Govt is in a hurry to complete the task and claim fulfillment of promise. Moreover there is a doubt that with five yr clause of pension equalization Armed Forces personnel/ESM may not be given 7CPC recommendation till five yrs. Our bureaucrats can go to any sadistic limits to teach AFP/ESM lessons of taking up cudgel against them.  

Once a Govt letter is issued, there will be no further hearing on it. You are all aware that there are 38 anomalies pending on 6 CPC but these have not been solved in last 10 yrs as bureaucrats do no want to give you anything. Same will be the fate to any letters written to Govt after issuance of GL. 

Now Gentlemen it is your choice if you are happy with the doles given by the bureaucrats, please sit at home and be happy with bread crumbs thrown at you. And if you wish to fight this injustice then please pack your bags and come to JM. We will make arrangement for your stay in Gurudwaras. This is your chance of redeeming your honor. 

Some ESM are quick to point fingers at their comrades who wish to fight for redeeming their honor and are regularly attending agitation at JM and are so concerned about the expenditure at JM for the agitation that they are willingly contributing to offset the exp. Finger pointing ESM are the ones who always towed the Government line and never took up fight for OROP. These are the guys who got funds from Govt for not taking up your cases. These are the guys who are now pointing fingers at their comrades who are willingly supporting the agitation. Some of them are going to the bizarre extent to even to organize DHANDYAVAD  rallies in honor  of PM for this unilateral declaration of OROP by the Govt.

UFESM/IESM has decided to fight till end for this unjustified declaration of OROP by the Govt under influence of bureaucrats. We are aware of last moment addition of VRS clause in the declaration. This word was added at 1135 PM by bureaucrats with a view to remove 60% of veterans (ORs, JCOs and officers) out of OROP. Even RM and three chiefs were surprised about it.  We are not accepting it if some veterans wish to accept, it is their choice. UFESM/IESM will fight it in the courts if required. There is no term like VRS in services as VRS is given along with golden handshake to surplus manpower to prune the workforce. 

Gentlemen I feel sorry about those ESM who are pointing fingers about contribution being given at JM. Please be rest assured that UFESM/IESM has not forced any veteran to contribute funds for agitation at JM. All veterans are contributing out of their choice and free will. Every contribution is properly accounted and account statement will be put up for approval of environment on completion of our fight for OROP.

UFESM/IESM fail to understand the psyche of some veterans who do not wish to put up a fight for OROP. 

Pardon my strongly worded mail. 

UFESM/IESM request all veterans to leave inhibitions and join us in putting up a well planned and coordinated fight against evil designs of bureaucrats
Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Gen Sec IESM

(Source- via gp e-mail)


  1. Gandhi Sir,
    I entirely agree with you.But this kind of people we always find in all organisation .You must have see in 1998 regd Tech pay How many people ditched by the opportunist.But dont worry God is with us and we all support you.God bless you all and I pray HIM to give you all the strength both physically and mentally so that we come out successfully in our endeavour

  2. Sir , aap log jawan ko ullu banate hai.

  3. Sir , aap log jawan ko ullu banate hai.

  4. Dear Gandhi Sir,due to my physical health condition i am unable to join you at JM my full heart is there only.sir kindly send me the correct name and address to whom the cheque to be drawn.As my earlier contribution has come back to me stating the address is not correct.,request you to e mail me the above .My ID

    Thanks and Regards
    (Ex_sgt IAF)

  5. I wilingly wish to contribute small amount for the cause. Please intimate account number for direct transfer...........

  6. Sir we are the same view.sir how the southindian veterans show their solidarity with you.we are with you.Go ahead with a big agitation we are ready come to Bihar. Sir pl go on

  7. Dear, honourable UFESM,Maj Gen Satbir Sir&Gp Captain IESM Sir! I express my great honur to all the agitators at JM. It is our legitimate long pending demand. We should strengthen our unit.Don't be demoral by unwanted Chaps like Mr zala. We should be proud of a daughter of ours who escalated the blogs . After ur message we the member s IESL discussed.Always with u &collectivly value on it.OROP anamoly should be resolve by the Unity. Thanks&Regards.

  8. Dear Gen Satbir and Gp Capt Gandhi,
    great regards and best wishes for your efforts.
    Please intimate Bank details for direct bank transfer either publickly to me at
    With appreciation, regards and a million thanks,