Friday, September 11, 2015


Dear Friends,

1.      The Govt has announced the implementation of OROP through the statement made by the RM on 05 Sep 2015. While we appreciate   the decision of the Govt, there are a member of serious shortcomings in the statement of RM which will dilute the grant of OROP as per the approved definition. These shortcomings are givens below:-

·        Issue of VRS was wrongly brought in since in the military we have no rpt no VRS. We have Premature Retirement (PMR) where the defence personnel are allowed to retire after a given term of service to keep the Military young and other factors. OROP must be made applicable to all PMR retirees without any ifs and buts.

·        The approved definition requires that any change in the rate of pension is to be automatically passed to the past pensioner. Since, there is a change occurring every year due, to various factors, the equalization of pensions is required to be carried out once every year say  on 01 July. The Govt has stated that it would be done every five years which will defeat the very definition of OROP and will dilute the same. Many senior defence personnel will start drawing less pension than their juniors which is in contravention of the SC judgment.

·        During our discussions with the Govt, Base year 2013-2014 was accepted. This means that all past pensioners are to be brought up to 31 Mar 2014. The Govt has now stated calendar year 2013 and that too average pension of the calendar year. This will consequently deprive the pensioner of atleast one increment.  The base year should be changed to 2014-2015 since the Govt has changed the goal post of granting OROP instead of 01 Apr 2014 as per earlier Govt orders to 01 July 2014. However, we are prepared to accept 31 Mar 2014 and not the average of the calendar year 2013.

·        Another important issue is regarding granting OROP pension taking into account the top of the scale. RM, during earlier discussion had accepted top of the scale for all past pensioners for the convenience of its implement-ability.  RM has now stated that it would be average of the scale.  This must be corrected to the top of the scale.

·        OROP is a concept in perpetuity and should be stated so in the Govt letter.    

·        Implementation of OROP is independent of 7th CPC or any future CPCs. The Govt approved CPC awards should integrate with OROP and CPC must not adjudicate or interfere with the grant of OROP.

2.    Friends, in order to showcase our solidarity a SAINIK EKTA Rally is being organized on 12 Sep 2015 at Jantar Mantar from 10 AM to 3 PM . All ESM of India must attend this Rally in large numbers to strengthen protest Movement and Relay Hunger Strike across the Country.

“Acceptance of injustice will lower the Human Dignity and Respect”

“Some people of small substance get bought over while some stand up.  One who stand up “Succeed” and win the respect millions”

With Regards, 
 Yours Sincerely,
Maj Gen Satbir Singh, SM (Retd)                                                                       Advisor United Front of Ex Servicemen & Chairman IESM 
Date : 11 Sep 15                                                                                                                     
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(Source- Via gp e-mail)         


  1. This is ridiculous decision who has made for rally, once the Govt has announce and PM has clarified the matter means there is no doubt in that and rest of the matter like matter like junior should not draw high payment the senior can be resolved in talks only. You bunch of people can't jeopardizes rest of soldiers implementation of OROP . So that please call off the rally and go head with the talks only.

  2. It is in my view totally faulty decision. Let the orop now be released with govt orders. So that the lower layer in the armed forces can avail it timely.

  3. As announced , govt will first release former order &set up one man judicial commission, which will submit report in six month, that to only if is able to complete priciding timely. Whether it intended to delay implementation, & implement only in next financial year.?

  4. The crumbs thrown on our face as OROP as stated by the DM is a bitter blow to the vanity of entire Veteran community and this humiliation should not be accepted.Where are our former defence chiefs and the present ones ?Are they not ashamed of themselves on the grand fiasco of OROP . If the government is so poor that they can not fulfill the promise to the Veterans as per the parliament approved version of OROP,then let them not announce this modified parity of pension and refrain from insulting the Parliament with mock definition of OROP.