Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Retired Army Officer seeks PRESIDENT's permission to end his life on OROP

Dear all, 

Kindly see this SOS from a retired officer.



Subject: Request from the Supreme Commander

Lt Col Ravi Shankar Tripathi (Retd)
H-14, Shakarpur,
Delhi 110092.

The Supreme Commander of All Three Forces of India,
The President of India
Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi


Dear Sir, 

I am a retired army Officer with a spotless service of 25 years. I have been watching the promises and more promises of our endless leaders since 1982 and even the present  Prime Ministers since Nov 2013 regarding payment of One Rank One Pension. The parliament has passed it and even the Hon'able Supreme Court has upheld it. But still no govt has translated their promises into action. 

You being our Supreme commander, I am writing this to you. I have given up any hope from any govt of this country and feel ashamed when I see my brothers of the age of 80-85 years old sitting on fast at Jantar Mantar for the last 36 days. You will appreciate that this agitation has been totally peaceful despite all the provocations. May be that is precisely the reason that nothing is moving at the govt's end. But at the same time I can never allow my brother ESM to take recourse to violence, as all soldiers love their country more than any one. I will never allow my brothers in active service to break the sacred thread of democratic traditions. Some head of the country said “You guard the national boundary and I will guard your welfare”, but in INDIA it is a different story. 

I find myself a failure towards my brothers in and out of the Armed Forces. I am losing the desire to live. As I can not even fight with the powers that be at the helms of affairs as any violent fight with them may cause irreparable loss to my country. I also can not tolerate my countrymen saying that,  if  a Prime Minister cannot keep the promise given to soldiers of his country what promise he can keep to the Nation. 

I am sure you will agree that if a soldier cannot live with dignity at least he should be allowed to die with dignity

In view of the above, I kindly request for your permission to end my life as it has become unbearable for me to live any more. 

Anyway, the date, place and time will be informed once a positive reply is received from The Supreme Commander.

best regards
Lt Col RS Tripathi
Mob- 9311152224
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2015 03:19:34 +0000

(Source : India of my Dreams)


  1. This text of his highness Col. Tripathi be published in National Newspaper particularly edited from New Delhi and on....

  2. Respected, Lt Col RS Tripathy sir, what you have decided is a bold step, But I request you not to do so, please for the sake of veterans for whom you thought so. Nothing will happen sir, this thick skinned people will not listen, it doesn't make any difference to them, so please fall back from your decision

  3. Very sad to hear this from a Military Col...This news be taken to the Television Media...

  4. Shame on Modi let Govt and double shame on Arun Jaitley.

  5. Dusman ko marne wale aj khud rasterpati se marne ki bhikh mang rahe hai. PM, DM aur FM ko dub kar mar jana chayae.

  6. Respected Lt col Tripathy sir,I an Esm prayingdo not do such wrong step.Orop must be solved by Nda Govt before 2nd oct 2015.

  7. Nothing will happen sir, this thick skinned people will not listen, it doesn't make any difference to them, so please fall back from your decision because we are soldier and not beggar.


  8. Silence is definitely not gold at this Juncture with frustrated veterans.
    The are disciplined force.
    Do not consider it as their weakness.
    Soldier to General have joined for the cause.
    Do not take them casually.
    Be wise.
    Call all stakeholders discuss and resolve soon.
    least you are contributing for something irrecoverable and irreparable.
    Please understand today's serving soldiers are tomorrow's veterans.
    They are more beneficiaries.
    Initially they will sympathise later participate which will be disastrous.

  9. Dear Tripathi I am also a retired soldiers.....Remember........ soldiers are born to fight and not to end their own life. I know supreme commander will never give the permission you have sought for and you should never think of such step.

  10. Respected Sir I am a exm I requested to u do't take these type of step we are brave solider in the word . We are bot begger but all the politician Are bigger bagger don't ask them we will get through fight on proper channel. Thanks.

  11. Kya Bapu Gandhi aise Andhe, Goonge aur Behrai Bandaron ki baat maante ??? Shame on the decision making ministers of this government on their arrogant and BADTAMIZ behaviour .... Don't see, Don't listen and Don't speak ......