Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Confidential - Confidential

Dear All,
I had the privilege of attending an Ex- Servicemen rally in Bangalore right in front of  Town-hall, a highly visible & prominent location. The point I wish to bring it to your kind notice is: Meet itself was well attended - with usual noisy speeches.

Highlight: At the end of the meet one of my colleague ex-CDM officer & self were walking away from the venue, when a Sikh Brig rank officer (who had made a short but good speech)stopped by us and told usin confidence - "I attended a similar ex-servicemen meet just 20 days ago at Amritsar and I gave a speech at that meet also. Shri A....(current FM) was passing thru the venue after a visit to Golden temple  and stopped by called me, as I was the tallest officer, but with no badges to show my former rank.

FM told me (the Sikh Brig), "you (army) people were responsible for my defeat by One lakh votes, as you have a strength of 93,000 settled here". I replied that that was not true. 

But FM said, "my inner sources have confirmed that it is because of ESM voting for Capt A.....(Congress party) that I (FM) faced worst embarrassment of  political career. It is your turn to face music", and he drove away.

So political vengeance of an important politicians at play here with OROP? I leave the final analysis to you all.

IMP Note: The time was well past 12 noon, so Sikh officer, Brig rank could not have been carried away! and Being afternoon, I was well within my senses & fully alert mentally!

Pl keep  it confidential only as more time will be wasted in real OROP issues. 

(SOURCE: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/veteransindia/_0pHbsPncTM AND VASUNDHRA BLOG)


  1. Arun Jaitley is so narrow minded politician. If he believe so than he should have clear the file much earlier to exist next time fallout.

  2. Dear sir,

    In my earlier mail I have predicted that this would be cause of concern for stalling the implementation of OROP by A FM,due to his debacle in the lok sabha, let him play this dirty tricks, how long will he play one year two or four year. the end will come to him also politically, what about the pre poll promises he has kept in cold storage nothing is going to affect the morale of our ex army and in service personnel even if OROP is not released for another four years, we will wait for another government to form and deliver, true blood of nationhood and patriotism is running in our blood, we respect democratic norms and abide by that

  3. My heartfelt condolence to departed soul of former president Kalam Sahab. He was a great human being, scientist, paatriot and a genuine nationalist. India indeed have lost a great son of the soil.

  4. This AJ physc pblms we knew long back, but can a Minister sabotage the decision taken by Parliament.