Friday, July 1, 2016

Dear All
The picture is very clear on the board
Here is the simple calculation 

7th pay commission has been announced for Central Govt employees and every one is saying that a BIG BONANZA is being showered on central govt employees. Let us see the BIG BONANZA in real terms:

As per 6th Pay Commission:

Present Basic: 7000
DA (125%): 8750
HRA (10%): 700
Transport Allowance: 1350
Current gross salary as per 6th Pay commission: 17800
PF (10%): 700
CGIS: 50
Prof Tax: 200
Net salary: 16850

Now As per 7th pay commission:

Present basic: 18000
Da (Nil):0000
HRA (8%): 1440
Transport allowance: 1350
Gross salary: 20790
PF (10%): 1800
CGIS : 1500
Prof Tax: 200
Net salary: 17290..

What is the real increase in the Pay commission: 17290-16850= ₹440

Wonder why ₹440 is being called as a Big Bonanza????

 They compare present Basic of 7000 with new Basic of 18000 to conclude and mislead the public that there is 257% increase where as actual increase is just Rs 440/-  What has been given is the worst Pay Commission since Independence. There is nothing to feel happy.

The net increase is paltree Rs 440 for a serving person
And for a pensioner it cud be as great as Rs 220

Be happy atleast the OROP has made some difference

7th Pay Commission is the biggest HOAX in your life time

Maj B H Iyer (Retd)
535 Vikaskunj
New Delhi-110018

(Source- Via Gp E-mail)