Saturday, July 2, 2016

Salient features of Pay Commission as approved by the Government

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Salient features :-

1. Separate Pay Matrices for Civilians, Defence and MNS.

2. Fitment Multiple of 2.57. Min Pay of Rs 18000.

3. Annual Increment at the rate of 3%. Increment payable once in a yr, on 01 Jan / July.

4. No mention of NFU.

5. Brig index improved to 2.67 instead of 2.57.

6. Additional stages in pay levels in the ranks of Lt Col, Col and Brig.

7. MSP.
   NCsE - 3000.
   OR - 5200.
   JCOs - 10800.
   Officers upto Brig - 15500.

8. Pension.  Existing pension to be multiplied by 2.57.
Committee set up to study feasibility of the second option.
Current retirees to draw pension at 50% of last drawn pay.

9. Gratuity raised to 20 lakh.

10. Allces. Status Quo till such time Committee of Secy recommends rationalization of allces as pay commission proposals have upset the parity between Def forces and CAPF. 4 months time given to the committee. No allce currently admissible will be stopped till then.

11. Anomalies Group set up by the government to look into other issues as brought out by employees / organizations.

12. All arrears will be payable within current financial year.

13. No interest bearing advances to be ceased except for Motor Car and Motor Cycle. House Building Adv enhanced to 25 lakh..Computer adv also to continue. 
All other interest free advances abolished except for medical,transfer,LTC,tour etc.

14. Ex Gratia enhanced in the range of 25-45 lakh.

15. Cost to Government including arrears is 84933 crores...without arrears is 72800 crores.This doesn't include allces expdr.

(Source- Via Gp e-mail from Col SS Sohi)

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