Saturday, July 16, 2016

DIAV COMMUNICATION: 03 ::: Latest PPO Sangam - For all officers and JCO/OR irrespective of service

The following message is of importance to all Defence Services Pensioners/ Family Pensioners.
In case you have not yet received the latest PPO, please do follow up and send the necessary information to PCDA, Allahabad soonest.
Please convey this to the maximum number of pensioners etc whom you may know, thanks.

Our Esteemed Veterans and Next of Kin,

1.   There have been a few changes in the pension policy post implementation of 6 CPC. One major change is, doing away with weightage and calculation of pension as per rank and qualifying service. Post 6 CPC the pensions have been revised many times i.e in 2008, 2009, 2012 and 2014 (as OROP).

2.  To cater for these changes PCDA (Pension) Allahabad undertook “Project Sangam” and printed fresh corrigendum PPO’s for all pre-6CPC retirees so that they get the correct rate of pension. As per PCDA (P) Allahabad they have printed and dispatched approx 14 lakh ‘Sangam PPO’s’ to all pre-2006 pensioners (including widows & NOKs).

3.   Our interaction on ground with pensioners reveal that many of the pensioners do not have this PPO which is generated post 2009 with them. If you do not have this PPO which is issued after 2009; please act as follows.

(a) JCOs, ORs and NOKs. Please write to respective Record Offices for getting a copy of your Sangam PPO’s.

(b) Officers and NOKs.: Visit On the front page at the bottom, you shall find a scroll giving some details. Above the scroll you shall see in red fonts written ‘Sangam Project PPO in respect of Commissioned Officer’. Please click on this and fill in the details and send to sangam cell < to get Sangam PPO’s.

Please Note that PPO’s are your most priced documents and PPO’s are to be preserved. The toll free helpline number of PCDA (P) Allahabad is 18001805325.

Warm Regards
Dir Outreach



  1. JCOs, ORs and NOKs. write to respective Record Offices for getting a copy of your Sangam PPO’s.

    Do we need to write to our Pension Account Bank or to Allahabad?

    1. PPOs are printed by P CDA(Pensions) Sangam Cell and handed over to Record Office couriers for onward despatch to Veteran(Exservicemen and their widows). For printing PPOs mail is to be sent to or

  2. Unfortunately there is no accountability at the office of P C D A(P).For example, post Hon S C orders of Dec 2012 on Rank Pay case my PPO was revised under the SANGAM SCHEME on 25 May 2015. The same was forwarded to CPPC for payment. My copy though signed on 25 May 2015 was dispatched to me on 23 Jan 2016 after sending a number of reminders through Email and helpline. To contact PCDA(P) on the given Helpline requires another Helpline and one can talk to P M office but not to the concerned official in the office of PCDA(P) On receipt of my copy of PPO when I contacted the Bank to pay me the arrears as per the Corr PPO , the bank declined to pay as it stated that they have not received their copy which has a special seal embossed on it . After No of reminders and lodging a complaint to DOPPW in Mar 2016 it was revealed that the Bank Copy of the PPO which was not embossed was returned by CPPC to PCDA(P) on 28 Jul which they refused to ack Finally with second complaint to D O P P W the duplicate copy of PPO was issued to the bank for the payment of arrears on 13 May 2016 but the bank paid the arrears on 01 Jul after repeated reminders. Still it did not pay 08% interest for the delayed period as directed by the R B I. This is the fate a veteran who had some knowledge of the rules and regs on the pension one can well imagine the fate of the other pensioners who are not aware of the rules. In fact PCDAs have become a white elephant. They have become masters rather than provide services to the people whom they are to serve Same goes to banks too particularly the P S U banks. Though the PCDA(P) has issued a comprehensive Def Pension Payment Instrs 2013( DPPI 2013) bunt neither the PCDA nor the PDA(Bank) follow these instructions. The complaint / Care system of the banks are a big farce. The complaints once received are automatically passeddown to the lower offices and die its natural death . All complaints must be monitored to its logical end and the complainant must be info and the defaulters must be made accountable. The bank gets Rs48/- per transaction from the MOD. The MOD pays Approx Rs- 184 crores to these banks annually To solve the problems of the pensioners there is a need to apprise the MOD and ,R B I and the Head offices of the banks who are disbursing the pension of the def personals about the problems being faced by the veterans. Unfortunately majority of Def pensioners are neither aware of their entitlements nor have strength left in them to fight out the inept govt machinery. The Dept of Soldier Welfare in the state , who are suppose to be the commanding officer of the veterans and their widows are redundant. The officers and the staff are busy in pleasing their pol masters as their services , pay and perks are controlled by the state Govt They have no time to move around a, educate the Ex servicemen and help them in getting their dues.

  3. So called the Directorate of Sainik Welfare Board in the State level has no commitment to the welfare of exservicemen. This type of problems must be dealt by them locally.

  4. DEar Sir,
    GIven Toll free Mob No seems always busy or giving busy tone.. Since not getting any response.

  5. ALso give the email address of Armoured Corps Records, AHmednagar. plz