Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fauj vs Babus: Why 7th pay commission has the military up in arms - On We The People : NDTV debate

While netas play politics over patriotism, soldiers are fighting for pay parity. The seventh pay commission says Indian Police Service and Indian Forest Service will be at par with the IAS, leaving the military behind. 

Why this pay divide? 

Will politicians who are playing patriotic games put their money where their mouth is? 

In crises like the recent Jat agitation, the Army is often replacing civil administration, but is not being paid as much. Why is this so? 

Should Armed Forces have a separate pay commission?

WATCH THE VIDEO (OF 20.3.2016)


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  1. It is pathetic no panelists spoke regarding the pay hike or welfare of Jawans.. Is it true that defence means only officers?.. Why these hefty pay difference between officers and men??.the panelists of high ranking retired officials so cruel to Jawans..Are the Jawans not desired or expected to live in dignity and honor..Who will plead for them?.. A just passed out officer draws more than a 58 year old Subedar Major of X group??. is this inhuman difference in pay is prevalent in any organisation except only in the defence.Is it not true that the gap is widening in successive pay commissions. Can the Jawans trust these officers..?. They want a defence representative on pay panels and govt should employ an efficient union leader to plead for jawans.. Who has swindled away the lion share of OROP..?