Sunday, July 24, 2016

What are some interview experiences in Indian Air Force selection?- By Vipul Bawa

I got recommended from 1 AFSB, Dehradun.


  1. All the candidates but one on the right side of the photo(readers' left side),in sky blue shirt are wearing
    TIES.Fine ,it is Dehradun,the ambient may be below 20deg centigrade,one has to wear tie if he is not able to
    withstand the atmospheric conditions.The OTA boys in Madras, where the daytime temperature is normally more than 35 to 42 deg centigrade,are also wearing ties.What is the reason?.Can any one throw some light on wearing TIES?.I know right now I shall get many replies without fail

  2. There should be some real time tests which will qualify him to deal with his subordinates if situation arise. I had seen 100s of superiors during my service period.I do not want to put same side goal now.There is no change in the kind of tests to become an officer in armed forces, since independence.If at all there is ,it is minimal.Finally you can not judge a man how he would handle the situation in real time.Nothing to worry about it.Because a soldier when he joins service is already stripped off his civil liberties.He has no RIGHTS at all except food.Am I right or wrong?

  3. Food or ration? Ration in all of living.