Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Watch this utter hypocrisy! 

Not only Salahuddin but even Asia Andrabi, who is against girl education in Kashmir, has sent her own daughters to Malaysia for studies!

This is just a 45 seconds video. 

It shows the reaction of one of the top jihadist in the world who is based in Pakistan.

When asked why his sons have not joined jihad, when he is asking every other Muslim to take  to terrorism as a way of life. 

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 Do view the video.

It applies to all the politicians and other leaders as well because what they preach to others, they do not follow themselves. How many politicians in India have sent their children to Leh-Ladakh after joining the Armed Forces? Or for that matter how many bureaucrats have sent their children to borders to fight the "Jihadis"?

(Source- Via e-mail from Bharat Bhushan Ghai, Vet)

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