Monday, July 4, 2016

Is there corruption in the Indian Army, and to what extent? by Bhaskar Dabhi

One true incident that happened with me:

Once me and My friends were visiting White Rann of Kutch first time. The area is monitored by Indian Army. If any one want to go there then they have to pay entry fee at some village which is 10 km away from the Rann of kutch. Only on that entry ticket, Army person allow you to enter the white desert.

Unfortunately, We didnt know that and went to White ran directly and Army person stopped us from entering as we didn't have ticket. We started applozing for the mistake and told them that please allow us to enter as we don't want to go back 10km and travel same distance back as we have travel almost 120Km.
While negotiating(actually applozing) with them, we tried many things to convince them to let us go but they didn’t let us in. Meanwhile one of my friend said, "Sir, Jane do na. Jo paise hote he vo lelo. (Sir, Please let us go. You can charge us for same)".
Army man said "Sir Hum police wale nhi he. (We are not police officers)". 
The words touched our hearts. At last, they let us go only on our Identification proof without paying anything. Though we paid the amount on our way back.
While saying "Sir, Jane do na. Jo paise hote he vo lelo. ", we didnt have any intention to bribe the army person but we actually meant that they can take entry fee from their ends.
(Source : Quora Digest) 


  1. Gentleman there is huge corruption in armed forces at officers level but it doesn't come to limelight because media and other anti corruption agencies can't reach to the armed forces . Everyone knew it .

  2. There is huge corruption in armed forces. in pune ECHS a retd. wing commander has been appointed as Officer IC ECHS polyclinic lohegaon within one year of his retirement within the same station by air force appointing authority which is against the policy of echs. matter was taken up with air force authorities but no action was initiated and they don't bother of all these complints because they know that the power is in their hand, nobody can question them.

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