Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Ex-servicemen who have now joined the state government have got reason to rejoice, as the state government has announced a dual pension benefit for them. The Telangana government on Tuesday announced a slew of benefits in the Legislative Assembly for active and retired soldiers, their families and also for the families of soldiers who lost their lives in the line of duty .When an ex-serviceman joins the state government services, he is allowed to draw two pensions -one from the armed forces and the other from the state government. However, widows of such ex-servicemen were barred from collecting state pension. “The Telangana government is doing away with this restriction. Henceforth, such pensioners will be allowed to draw state government pension along with pension issued by armed forces,“ KCR said.
“The government is also constituting a special fund for the welfare of soldiers, a first in the country ,“ said KCR. The fund will begin with annual contributions of `25,000 each from the CM and his cabinet colleagues while MLAs, MLCs and MPs will contribute `10,000 each every year. Thanking eve ryone for joining hands to contribute to the fund, KCR said, “The state government employees have also come forward to gi ve one day's salary to this fund.“
He also announced that the government is increasing the cash awards for soldiers.

Pension offices to be moved to ground floor

The state government has decided to shift all pension payment offices, which are currently located on upper floors, to the ground floor. The decision has been taken to ensure that the aged state government pensioners are not inconvenienced while collecting their pensions.The announcement came after Qutbullapur MLA KP Vivekanand highlighted the plight of pensioners making multiple trips to the pension payment office at Nampally .Vivekanand also suggested that the state government must ensure that the online Jeevan Praman system registration services are offered at all Mee Seva centres to make it easy for pensioners to acquire life certificates. “The government should also allow pensioners to visit the nearest police station, where they can use the available systems to access Jeevan Praman registration,“ Vivekanand later added in the House.

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