Tuesday, January 3, 2017

In New Year, services await revised pay: The Hindu Defence sources said that the government had in principle agreed to most of the core concerns expressed by the services.

As the New Year sets in, there is disgruntlement in the military as they are yet to receive their revised pay under the Seventh Pay Commission (SPC). This is because the issue is held up pending resolution of the core concerns raised by the services with respect to their civilian counterparts in the SPC recommendations.

Defence sources said that the government had in principle agreed to most of the core concerns expressed by the services but stated that the issue being complicated it would take some more time.

“The issue is currently being discussed between the Defence and Finance ministries and the Prime Minister’s Office. A decision will be taken at the earliest,” a source observed.

The Defence Ministry has already issued the implementation order, which is pending further process as the services have not issued special instructions so far despite the government’s request, and thus military personnel continue to receive the Sixth Pay Commission prescribed salaries unlike their civilian counterparts.

Letter to PM, Parrikar

The three Chiefs had written to Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the discrepancies which were not cleared by the empowered committee appointed to look into the issue. “The finance wing of the Ministry sought the financial implication of these concerns from the services two weeks ago.” another source stated.

Around the same time, the Lavasa committee, appointed to look into the issue of allowances under the SPC, held its 7th meeting. “The Defence Ministry has largely supported the concerns of the services,” the source added.

The services had on several occasions raised four core concernswhich they perceive reduce the status of the armed forces with respect to their civilian counterparts. These include Non Functional Upgrade (NFU), NFU pay fixation, Military Service Pay (MSP) and common pay matrix for civil and military.

Ahead of Diwali in November the Government approved a one-time 10 per cent interim relief for military personnel for a period of 10 months from January to October 2016 pending resolution of the issue.

(Source : The Hindu/ Staffnews)


  1. Para 3 of The Hindu Write-up says the matter is being discussed between MOD & MOF, keeping PMO is the loop. What about stake holders? How can you solve an issue without involving stake holders! The issue just can not be wished away by forming committees & thereby keeping the issue in "Deep Freezer" CGE have got 7 CPC during Aug 2016 & 2 % DA too wef 1.7.2016 and what soldiers got? Next instalment of DA is due wef 1.1.2017. What about the men in Uniform? They are just getting 6 CPC scales. What a shame. HFO BL Kalra

  2. if the govt hasnt capacity to remove desparity it should persuade the upper level to give up nfu to ias/ips, no change in msp etc. this stand off is quit improper.

  3. karunakaran a ex havildarJanuary 4, 2017 at 9:51 AM

    the bargain pertaining to ex soldiers' problem is like bartar method adopted by keeping the cattle immersed into the water only horns are visible. without stakeholders view point that is other ranks how can you say the discussion is consummate without the participation of the other ranks they constitute maximum strength of defense forces

  4. Rectification and resolution.action .simply action.this sort of publicity of meetings reflect (past ),approaches and intentions.wait and see.live to see. .

  5. It is not understandable what the military wants They were given a separate pay commission on their own demand which they could have utilised to their fullest benefit but they refused.Their own senior officers opposed the grant of NFU during 6th cpc but now they are clamouring for it.They were granted 7cpc which they could have conditionally accepted pending acceptance of their demands but they totally refused it.They are behaving like a spoilt child who throws away the toy in hand at the very first sight of new toy. With such indecisive soldiers the country's security is obviously in danger as this indecisive quality is likely to prove very costly during any possible war/security threat

    1. We need u man. Come n join fauj to save the country. But oops I forgot dat u are the blog warrior and need cozy air-conditioned office. May be u can compete to become chief next tym , just keep the delhi bureaucracy happy.

    2. Coward you are not to reveal your name even and remain anonymous, must be afraid of going to a corner without your mum or sister and have the audacity speaking about the soldiers and their minimal and decent life. You should abstain from such comments and not post them just because you got a key board and a computer to indulge in reckless talk.

  6. yeh kya coment hai. disciplined pers can only represent like the way now. obviously they are uncertain for everything as their life is alike. give nothing to them see how they remain determind. yaar soldier kya cheez hai. hear the coments throw on them by extra skilled performers.

  7. Hear the views of the serving soldiers and equivalent. in air force and navy. They must explain their practical problems during their tenure in peace or war. The comotee members stayed in officers mess and not heard the soldiers voice. What they are eating? Where they are staying. They must be explain their suggestions. You are hearing the union leadets voice. Every soldier is a great leader of our soil. Donot omit them.