Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Today Sri K.Chandrasekhar Rao Hon’ble Chief Minister of Telangana Announced various benefits for Ex-servicemen in Telangana Legislative Assembly...
*#Specially creating One FUND for the Welfare Of Ex-Servicemen and their families in Telangana State (this scheme is no ware in country). 
Chief Minister and other Ministers every year contributing Rs. 25 thousand and All MLAs and MLCs & MPs are going to contributing Rs. 10 thousand per year and the State Government Employees are also agreed to give One Day Salary to this FUND. (totally raise the fund for the welfate of Ex.servicemen& their families approximately Rs.70 to 80crores)

On this Occasion Hon’ble Chief Minister expressed his heartfelt thanks to all employees and Peoples representative who agreed to give their consent to contribute for this fund in the Legislative Assembly.
*#Increase of Cash grant for Gallantry Award Wunners.... Now Telangana State is giving highest amount in the Country..... its so great.. 2 crores 25 lakhs for Param veer Chakra.....

*#Chief Minister also announced that Who killed in action (Battle causality) laid down their lives for the nation for them the State Government giving some benefits like Compassionate Appoint to the widow in state Government & 300 Sq. Yards House site & Rs. 5.00 Lakhs Exgratia etc.,

*#The same benefits are extended to widows, serving soldier died while in service in peace time also i.e., if serving solider expired due to ill health or accident while in service.
*#Government of Telangana is going to strengthen the Sainik Boards at State level and also District level. In Telangana State 21 District newly formed. In all District we are going to establish the new Sainik Welfare Offices in all districts and welfare activities will be pursued from the district level.
*#Telangana State Government is going to start Sainik School in WARANGAL . In principle agreed and likely to sign on MOU.
*#Exservicemen who are working as Special Police Officers (SPOs) in Hyderabad now paying only Rs. 10,000/- pm. Now we are enhancing their salary from Rs.10,000/- to 20,000/- (GO Issued).... They will get the salary every month on par with other state Government employees.
1. Paramvir Chakra -- Rs. 2.25 Crores (Highest in the country is in panjab 2 croes)
2. Mahavir Chakra & keerthi Chakra-- Rs.1.25 Crores (Highest in the Country is in Punjab 1 Crore
3. Veera Chakra & Shourya Chakra-- Rs. 75 Lakhs (Highest in the Country is in Punjab 50 Lakhs
4. Sena Medal (Gallantry) -- Rs. 30 Lakhs (Highest in the Country is in Haryana 21 Lakhs)
5. Mention-in-despatch(Gallantry) --Rs. 25 Lakhs (Highest in the Country is in Haryana 10 Lakhs)
6. SYSM (Sarvothama Yudha Seva Medal) -- Rs. 25 Lakhs (Highest in the Country is in Kerala 20 Lakhs.
7. UYSM Uthama Udha seva Medal)- Rs. 20 Lakhs (Highest in the Country is in Kerala16 Lakhs)
8. USM (Udha Seva Medal) -- Rs. 5 Lakhs (Highest in the Country is in Kerala 2 Lakhs)
*#Coming days we are going to take necessary steps for the welfare of Ex-servicemen in the Telangana State. Telangana State Hon'ble Chief Minister Given Statement....

All Ex.servicemen should say Big Thanks to our Beloved CM KCR Sir...


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