Thursday, January 26, 2017

In a first of its kind 11 General officers & ladies undertake hunger strike today.

They are: - 

1. Maj Gen  BS Dhillon
2. Lt Gen SS Grewal
3. PI soorma
4. Maj Gen RN Wadhva
5. Lt Gen JBS Yadav
6. Maj Gen VK Tiwari
7. Maj Gen Bhutani
8. Lt Gen Hari Unial
9. Lt Gen AK Saini
10. Maj Gen Surjit Singh
11. Maj Gen Satbir Singh

Join our VETERANS in their struggle for our future. .

I am looking for positive response from everyone who is affected by any Fauji in life to show their support,  solidarity to veterans. 

Remember it is our responsibility to support the VETERANS because they are struggling for our future.  

Our veterans want our support ... don't let them down. 

Let us do it

Jai Hind
26/01/2017, 1:40 pm - NDA S S Cheema: IMG-20170126

(Source- Via Gp E-mail)

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  1. Hon Parrikar Sahib, I have still got great regard for you and expect that you can bring some fresh thinking into the working of MOD. You have a duty towards national Security, Morale of Defence Forces and Welfare of Soldiers--whether they are serving soldiers or ESMs. Please be reminded of this and act proactively. If you do not exercise your independent political leadership & judgement, you may end up as Krishna Menon, one of your long forgotten Raksha Mantris of 1962 debacle. Please please act fast, direct the bureaucrats, and do not fall prey to their designs.Happy times to You, the Defence Forces, and the country. God Bless You.