Sunday, March 12, 2017

Is Manohar Parrikar returning as Goa CM? BJP MLAs pass resolution; MGP, GFP onboard

  • Goa BJP legislature party met today and the MLAs passed a resolution to make Manohar Parrikar as Chief Minister. The MLAs have also shot off a letter to BJP president Amit Shah requesting him to send Parrikar back to Goa. BJP sources have said that the party will stake claim to form government in Goa tomorrow.
  • The BJP sources claimed to have got support of Goa Forward Party, which has three MLAs and MGM, which also has three MLAs. The BJP sources further said that the three Independent MLAs were also ready to extend support to the party in Goa Assembly. With support of nine MLAs, the BJP will cross the majority mark in Goa Assembly. The BJP is likely to make formal announcement in the evening.
  • Sources also said that in all likelihood Manohar Parrikar will lead the Goa government. Meanwhile, chorus is growing within the BJP to bring back Parrikar as Chief Minister. The BJP MLA from Calangute Michael Lobo has told India Today that he wants Parrikar as the Goa CM. Michael Lobo confirmed to India Today in Panaji that both MGP and GFP want Parrikar as Chief Minister.
With some votes still to be counted, BJP president Amit Shah announced in New Delhi yesterday that the BJP was in a position to form government in Goa. This gave an idea that the BJP has a plan for Goa.
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When the final tally was known, the Congress emerged as the single largest party with 17 seats in the 40-member Goa Assembly. The ruling BJP secured 13 seats, eight less than the 2012 Goa Assembly election. Chief Minister Lakshmikant Parsekar lost to Congress candidate Dayanand Sopte, who visited party office as a 'giant killer'.
But, the BJP still claimed that it was in a position to form government. How? Sources in the BJP and political observers, both, are of the view that the answer lies in Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar.
In the 40-seat Goa Assembly, a party or coalition requires support of 21 MLAs to form government. Chief Minister Parsekar has lost the election. He was anyway considered a weak candidate than his predecessor Parrikar. The final tally has 10 seats under the belt of non-BJP, non-Congress parties. The Maharashtra Gomantak Party has been a former ally of the BJP and during Parrikar's regime the two parties worked in harmony.
Speaking to India Today MGP leader Sudin Dhawalikar said, "We have passed a resolution to support the BJP only if Manohar Parrikar is made the Chief Minister." Dhawalikar also said, "We have written a letter to (BJP president) Amit Shah to consider our request." Quite interestingly Dhawalikar claimed that other non-Congress players are also ready to support the BJP with Parrikar as CM. "I have also spoken to Goa Forward party and they too will support if Parrikar is made the Chief Minister. The NCP too is willing to join us," Dhawalikar told India Today.
Late last night after the results were announced, Parrikar said, "In the situation of a fractured mandate, everyone is in the run to form the government. We are also there. If the BJP acts like a core group and brings together smaller parties, we can still give a stable government."
Parrikar said exactly on the same lines as the MGP leader would tell India Today some 12 hours later. Parrikar went on to add, "BJP is in the best position to form the government. I am confident of getting necessary support."   
This morning support is pouring for Parrikar.
Earlier, responding to a query about his possible return to Goa and his willingness for the Chief Minister's job, Parrikar had said, "I have lost 4kg in Delhi because of the food. I like Goan food. You can interpret this the way you want."


(Source- India today)


  1. If he leave MOD for Goa, then there will be many unfinished jobs pertaining to the ESM left over

  2. Its nice to have Mr Parikar back to Goa.we the people of Goa want him back, let BJP find a new RM or let Parikar continue as RM and work weekends in Goa as CM.

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