Monday, September 7, 2015


Dear Members 

Happy Janmashtami to all. UFESM is happy to announce that this Janmashtami has brought Good News of sanction of OROP for ex-servicemen.

Fifth September 2015 is a very auspicious day when our fight for OROP, 30 year old demand, has at-last been approved by the NDA Govt. Initially in 2008 ESM started the fight for OROP with the Govt and planned many rallies to communicate to Government that Armed Forces Personnel and Ex-servicemen are being given raw treatment in Independent India. 

IESM organised many rallies in last six years to convince all political parties that ESM need to be given OROP and need solution for some of their difficulties like medical attention, war memorial and ex-servicemen commission. UFESM was formed in June 2015, to unitedly put up fight for OROP. It is the effort of UFESM that OROP dream has has come true.

UFESM Thanks Prime Minister; UFESM sincerely thanks Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modi ji for taking personal interest in OROP and ensuring approval of OROP on 5 Sept 15. Last minute insertion of a clause of VRS surprised ESM all over India and subdued our celebrations. 

This planted a suspicion in mind of ESM about the real/hidden intent of bureaucrats.  This issue was never discussed in any meeting between Government representatives and UFESM. It seems that someone in the Government is not happy with approval of OROP for ESM and has inserted VRS clause to derail OROP for ESM. 

UFESM feels that there is a need to fix responsibility for this faux paus. 

This has resulted in changing Jubilation into cautious optimism by ESM. However this issue was clarified by RM Sh Manohar Parrikar to UFESM delegation in meeting in the evening on 5 Sep 2015. He confirmed that VRS is not applicable to ESM and Armed Forces Personnel and hence all personnel taking PMR will be entitled for full OROP. 

UFESM is thankful to Prime Minister of India Sh Narendra Modi ji for clarifying this in the speech on 6 Sep 15 at Faridabad. He assured ESM that someone is misleading the ESM by inserting the clause of VRS in the declaration of OROP. There is need put all doubts to rest that OROP is applicable in full to all ESMs (including ORs, JCOs and officers). He further confirmed that he has lot of love and respect for ESM and ESM will get full benefit of OROP as announced by RM. 

Respected Prime Minister sir ESM all over India reciprocate this feeling and affirm their respect for PM. 

However there are some minor issues which need to be attended on priority for OROP to be fully functional.
  • Government has recommended  fixing of pension based on mean of max and min of basic pay of the year; This arithmetic defeats the basic definition of OROP as it will lead to one rank and many pension and hence is not acceptable to ESM. There will be very minimal expenditure to Government on this issue.

  • Periodical pension equalization has to be one year whereas Govt  has announced it to be five years thereby completely distorting the OROP definition. Government has recommended that this issue will be referred to a single judge committee to adjudicate the period of pension equalization. UFESM is of the opinion that committee should consist of five members out of which three should be from ESM and one serving soldier under the chairmanship of a judge. This report should be completed in fifteen days or max one month. 

  • MOD must confirm the date by which the Government letter will be issued. Agitation and RHS will be called of only after receipt of Government letter. Our experience with bureaucrats has been less than satisfactory because ESM had been shortchanged on many occasions in language of the order. Latest experience being that of Rank pay issue.  
In view of clarification given by honorable PM  that VRS is not applicable to Armed Forces, Fast unto death has been discontinued. All eleven ESM on fast unto death for last 24 days were referred to RR hospital and Rockland Hospital qutab institutional area for medical examination. 

However RHS and agitation will continue till issuance of Government order for OROP. 

Col Inderjit Singh, Lt Gen Balbir singh and Maj Gen Satbir singh has provided sterling leadership to lead the campaign to make dream of OROP a  reality. All ESM salute their dedication and hard work.   

This agitation has lasted for 84 days and FUD has lasted for 24 days. The agitation has been going on in over 80 towns across India. The agitation has been very peaceful and has never caused any inconvenience to civil order. Human rights of India has accepted that this agitation has been very disciplined and has recommended for this years prize. 

Maj Gen Satbir singh has been invited by NRI of USA to visit San Frisco on 18 Sep in view of sterling leadership provided by him in planning and conducting this agitation. He has been invited as special guest to San Frisco to coincide with the visit of PM of India.

UFESM has called for a Gaurav Rally at 1000h to 1500h on Saturday 12 Sep 2015 at Jantar Mantar to 
  • Celebrate realization of our dream of OROP. 
  • Thank Government in fulfilling their promise. 
  • Remind Government to iron out the minor problems and issue Government order within 15 days or latest by 30 Sep 15.  
ESM from all states are requested to attend the rally in large numbers. 

Gratitude; UFESM is thankful to 
  • Sh Rajeev Chandrashekhar MP Rajya Sabha for supporting cause of OROP. He has been true friend of ESM and has helped us in mediating the complex issue of OROP. He had been very helpful in arranging meetings with RM on short notice. 

  • Dr Lal's Path lab for extending lab services to check the condition of ESM on Fast unto death. 

  • RR hospital for treating ESM on fast needing treatment because of fasting. 

  • Rockland Hospital for conducting medical examination of ESM on fast unto death. Dr Col Bheemwal needs a special mention as he had been sending a team of doctors everyday morning to check the ESM on FUD. He had been himself coming every day evening to check the ESM on FUD. 

  • Dr Ankit Om and his friends for providing medical cover to ESM on FUD. 

  • Bangla sahib Gurudwara and Gurudwara Rakabganj for providing accommodation to ESM visiting Delhi for participating in the agitation. 

  • Delhi Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee for providing langar to supporters visiting JM in large numbers. 

  • All ESM, NDA courses, Regiments  for contributing with open heart to support the agitation. 

  • All ESM for providing break fast at JM,  Col Ashok Malhotra's contribution needs special mention as he had been instrumental in coordinating with various agencies to provide breakfast.
  • Col Alexander CEO Metro Multimedia Technologies (Digital) for providing banners for making stage for agitation. 

  • A team of volunteer ESMs who had selflessly worked in managing all activities at JM, without them management of this agitation would not have been possible. 

  • Many veterans of importance who had been helping in arranging meetings at short notice with RM and FM.
Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Gen Sec IESM
(Source- via Gp E-mail)


  1. This was a very great team work. ESM from across the country are requested to reach on 12 sep at Rally site.

  2. What about a word of thanks to media.They have been giving tremendous coverage to agitation.

  3. Congratulations to gen satbir and his team remain united. Efforts are on to undermine the unity of esm community.impression being created that th whole ex iffrs press briefings and normal talks we have to shift our focus on the benefits of our jawans and jcos.similarly we we have tofocus on status and the IZZAT of a soldirler rather than financial gains.well far so good.

  4. dear sir,

    the whole exsm community stand with folded hands to express our gratitude to honorable chandrasekar bada baiyaee . because him the whole problem is solved

  5. Thanks for Gensatbir sir and whole team who shaded prop the light of the day