Friday, September 4, 2015

One Rank One Pension : A new wave of expectation rises; Announcements expected in 48 hours

“Although there is no official confirmation from the government, the ex-servicemen’s United Front are ready to accept the demand if it comes with a once-every-two-years pension revision, instead of five.”

Implementation of One Rank One Pension : After crossing multiple hurdles the One Rank One Pension scheme is stuck at one final block. The Government has clarified that it was impossible to revise the pension each year. It is ready for a revision once every five years. But, there are talks that the Government would relax its stand and agree to revise the pension once every two years.“There is no confirmation from the Government side, but if they agree to revise the pension once every two years, we will accept the term” Major General (Retd) Satbir Singh, who is heading the protests, said.
Sources claim that a section of the ex-servicemen are not ready to accept the once-every-two-years revision. They want to call a general body meeting and discuss it.
Months, weeks, and days have gone. The announcement from the government is now expected in 48 hours. But, there is always the question of whether one should or shouldn’t trust these news. Many wonder why the demand, that had remained pending for years, suddenly gained momentum and force now. Plenty of reasons are also being attributed to it. Here are the two most important ones –
1. The fact that Modi had voluntarily offered to implement the OROP if he is voted to power. OROP was also included in his election manifesto.
2. Defence pension has not been revised for more than seven years, since the recommendations of the 6th Pay Commission came into being. Thousands of army personnel who had retired before 2006 have not been given any pension revision until now. The Government’s refusal to heed to the countless talks, cases, and judgements of various courts has brought the crisis to this stage.
(SOURCE - Postal Assistants Legacy Blog)

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  1. Even if the government accepts the two year revision as demanded, please note the revision process will start at the fag of the time for revision. Then the revision process (Calculations / implementation) will take couple of years. There will be changes in governments during this period.

    At the end of it all the politicians will drag it to 5 years whether one likes it or not given the time frame to address the OROP issue