Friday, September 4, 2015


Dear Veteran Collegues,

The NDTV debate anchored by Vihsnu Som with the participation of Lt Gen SK Bhari, Maj Gen Sabir Singh, Shri Samit Patra, Spokesperson BJP, Shri Prasad the former Secretary and Shri Sanjay Jha, the Congress Spokesperson at the prime time of Sep 03, 2015, was pathetic eyewash on the part of the media. The reasons are:

a.  The general officers drove home two valid points. If the definition of OROP has been accepted by the PM and the Government is it not their responsibility to implement it in letter and spirit? If answer is yes, then there is absolutely no need to raise the question of rationalization in five years or three years? It is irrelevant. Obviously continuous monitoring is required, to ensure that OROP is honored at any time and at every time. The Government has to find the ways and means. This issue was not deliberated upon well by the political bigwigs and the Bureaucrat.

b.  Shri Samit Patra kept repeating again and again that there are some gaps without ever once explaining what were those gaps and what could possibly be the problem in bridging those gaps.

c.  A point was made that 80 crores per annum (a pittance) might only be the finance required to ensure that the OROP is maintained every year. BJP spokesperson talked irrelevantly of borrowing without restrain, at that juncture.

d. Gen Bhari brought out very lucidly that when rules were made such that every IAS officer earns the pension of additional secretary, the question of financial burden was not considered and when OROP is being talked about the issue becomes very serious, to the extent money needs to be borrowed.

e.  Mr Prasad went at a tangent stating with audacity that he would like to correct the General on that count. There exists definite promotion procedure in the IAS cadre, not realizing that his assertion is quite irrelevant to the issue of NFUG that enables almost every IAS officer to retire with the pension of Additional secretary.

f.   Som, the anchor now switches his role to that of mediator on behalf of the Government and asks Gen Satbir as to why veterans should not agree to rationalization every three years.

I want to make it crystal clear. Veterans want only OROP as defined by the Petition Committee. We are not concerned if it has to be done by incrementing or otherwise. Veterans have not demanded 3% annual increment. 

Whichever may be the base year for initial pension fixation on the principle of OROP, the initially fixed pension would fall short of the pension of veterans retiring in the subsequent years in the same rank and equal length of service, because of the increment they would get in the subsequent years. 

That increment happens to be 3% of the basic pay plus grade pay per year as per prevalent rules. Thus, if OROP has to be ensured the pension also needs to be rationalized to that extent. The process does not call for any review and needs just a minor up-gradation of the computer program that controls pension dispersal – a onetime technical exercise.

Now the questions that need to be raised are:

a. Is it an issue of ego of some that inhibits the implementation of OROP?

b. Is it financial constraint that inhibits the implementation of OROP?

c. Is it the administrative constraint that inhibits the implementation of OROP?

d. Is it ethical constraint that inhibits the implementation of OROP?

In my considered opinion the answer is simple YES to the question at (a) above and a resounding NO to the other questions. 

If the PM succumbs to the ego of the FM, then a order will be out based on rationalization every three years, which order will be “pushed down our throat as had been the practice for long” to put it in the candid words of Gen Bahri in the debate.

Therefore, I would, now, recommend that we should stick to OROP in its true spirit and that any concession to the Government is certainly not needed. 

The concession neither is needed nor will it be appreciated by the Government. 

This, I am stating now, though a few days back I suggested that we may concede to review every two years.


Maj Gen RN Radhakrishnan, Veteran

(Source - Via Gp E-mail from Colonel  N K Balakrishnan Veteran)( Retd )


  1. Sir, while the ESM leadership have been explain ing through media & at their site of struggle in details about OROP,& its effect, financial burden on budget. Govt is just delailying its dicison on the subject. Where it create s doubt about the intention of. the govt. as will as of the party.

  2. आज एक हकीकत सिपाही गुलाम हे सूबेदार का सूबेदार गुलाम हे मेजर का मेजर गुलाम ब्रिगेडियर का और बिरिगेडियर गुलाम हे जरनल का और कोई भी मालिक नही चाहता की गुलाम को फस्लेटि मिले o r o p पर आप सब एक दूसरे की टाग पकड़ के निचे खीच रहे हो की हम से निचे वाले रैंक को कुछ नही बस हमे मिले सिपाही जाय भाड़ में

  3. Experts make the things complicated that is what the bureaucrats do.They are nothing but arithmatic teachers.Thanks GOD no Charted accountant has became an IAS officer,in my knowledge,if so I am not aware of it.What I understood about OROP is very simple.I thought as follows.
    Keep the defence pension table applicable prepared by our PCDA as on 1-1-2006.As per rank & number of year of service get fixed your pension yourself.Then how can a junior will draw more pension than a senior.Forgive me if I am wrong.Srinivasan-Veteran-Navy

  4. At national and issues concerning nation ,there is no scope or room for individual egos.
    Must have been a fine debate,with those eminent and dedicated vets.yet to see V.
    With all those in public domain-"over my dead body by a secy, greedy,trade union,police goonda giri ,deviding esm ........ and all other dirty tricks,if a half baked stuff is forced down throats ,naturally those other issues will surface with compounding effect/ interest.

  5. ESM fraternity has been woken up from long slumber by beating DRUMS by Major AK Dhanapalan and Lt Cdr Avtar Singh, Col BK Sharma, Gp Capt Karan Singh Bhati, Advocate HSC, Advocate Mahavir Singh, Major Navdeep Singh, Major DP Singh, Lt Gens SK Bahari, Lt Gen Balbir Singh, Air Marshal SG Savur, Maj Gen Satbir Singh, Col A Kaul, Gp Capt VK Ghandi and many more on RHS. Please do not disband UFESM Front after OROP and continue efforts for Commission for ESM Welfare, of ESM,for ESM, by the ESM and till eternity. National War Memorial in New Delhi, CODS with 5 Star General, 50 ESM in each dept of Def Mini and 50% ESM to be obsorved by Police Organisation in Centre/States and 10% reservation in all factories/Depts. 10% increase in ESM pensions every 3 years to equilise junior senior pensions should be acceptable to Govt/ESMs.with OROP as on 31 March 2013/14 applicable from 01 Apr 2014 as per Koshiari Committee declared definition of OROP. Thanks for JAGRITI in the ESM about their pay/pension and blind faith in Political parties/IAS babus.

    1. The secretary BABUS will never succed.Our veterans are very strong in mind and deed.This is the high time we should remain under one banner.There should be only one veterans association with representatives from all the ranks.It should be religion like body to which we all have to take OATH of Allegiance.Let us fight it out till last.Hum marenge lekin darengey nahi !

  6. Fully agree, UFESM shall continue........

  7. Sir, May I request to clarify the meaning of tactfully included word "VRS” in the OROP announcement. It has certainly been included to confuse the Defence community. Our two members are there in the ministry. Please approach them to show their strong opposition to this tricky words which has been included to engage us in bargain as there is no provision of VRS in Defence.