Friday, September 4, 2015


Dear Veterans,
We are there and we are not there. As very rightly put by a Veteran, the main stumbling block is Jaitly. Apparently he has an axe to grind; his fall at the hustings which he believes was because of the service fraternity who voted for Amarinder Singh who happens to be an ex serviceman.
That apart, Jaitly is of Chidambaram's ilk and is a snake in the BJP grass which can bite them any time. His latest answer to the veterans and to the public at large (to confuse them) is; "annual revisions in pension does not happen any where in the world". Wonder why he is looking at the world when it is happening in India where OROP is dolled out to 100% of the civilian officers and about 5% of high ranking service officers in different garbs (NFU, ACP). A few questions to Mr Jaitly. 

1. Is there a country in the World which does not have a decent and respectable rehabilitation program for their veterans who start retiring from the age of 35 years onwards?

2. Is there a country in the World which has decreased the pension of veterans drastically to keep the civilians happy (1973 from 70% to 50%) without a flutter from the Services?

3. Is there a country in the World which has been steadily cutting the salary and perks of the servicemen in consecutive pay commissions and yet no whining from the soldier?

4. Is there a country in the world which has been steadily degrading the status and protocol of the servicemen to give the Babus an edge; on their demand; with not a whimper from the soldier?

5. Is there a country in the World where the Military leaders have no say in the formulations of policies and rules that govern the welfare and well being of the soldiers or the Defence planning?

6. Is there a country where the Babus and Accountants cheat the unsuspecting soldiers of their legitimate dues through skewed up arithmetic?

7. Is there a country where Maj Dhanapalans are required to expose the accountants and even after the exposure refuse to correct the mistake?

8. Is there a country where the Govt steadfastly appeal against all decisions of the lower courts or tribunals which give a favourable ruling to a soldier or soldiers till they exhaust all available legal means?

9. Is there a country in the World where soldiers have to fight terrorism with their hands tied behind and face prosecution for the Patriotic act of killing a terrorist, a suspect or for any collateral damage or death?

10. Is there a country in the World where the Service persons are excluded from decision making on what weapons and equipment should a soldier fight with?

11. Is there a country in the World where a Civilian Officer doing the same work as that of the Def Officer in the same establishment (MES, Ord Factory, Service HQs etc) who is 5 or more years junior to the officer; draws more salary and allowances than the service person?

12. Is there a country in the world which sat on a matter regarding the welfare of its soldiers for over 40 years; in spite of the recommendations of Parliamentary committees, commissions, Govt Approval, and a SC Verdict?

13. Is there a country in the World with a shameless, anti services Finance Minister who posed arithmetical issues when the time arrived for implementation of the 40 year old just demand for OROP which was approved and accepted by all?

14. Is there a country in the World which is mindless about the moral and fighting ability of its forces; a country which has relegated the elite Services as a last career choice for bright youngsters?

15. Is there a country in the World where peacefully protesting octogenarian Veterans are roughed up by the Police thugs on the eve of the Independence Day under the nose of the PM and the HM?

16. Is there a country in the World where the Soldiers do 24x7 vigil on over 7080 (4057 + 3023) km hostile land border (China and Pakistan) and about 7500 km of coastal line round the year with 50 % equipment and weapons, that too obsolete and out dated?

17. Is there a country in the World which calls in the military so frequently in Aid to Civil authorities; be it Civil disturbances, Natural Calamities, Accidents, terrorism and even for scavenging?

18. Is there a country in the World where the veterans had been drawn out to protest against the apathy of the Govt to meet their legitimate aspirations?
Mr Jaitly, you are playing with fire. When you are in the cabinet, India need no enemies from across the border to Nuke the country. 

And to dear Mr Modi; please get rid of this scourge by name Jaitly and resolve the stalemate by announcing the OROP in its indented, already defined and accepted form.


Jai Hind

(Source - E-mail From an An Army Veteran)

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