Thursday, June 25, 2015

CHENNAI OROP PROTEST By Lt Col CR Sundar, President United Veterans of Chennai

The recalcitrant, refractory BJP government at the center appears to be calling upon the Veterans of India to make more sacrifices. BJP needs to realize that they cannot survive as handmaiden of the IAS, that society is more important than individuals, that they need to show more humanitarian considerations and compassion to Military Veterans than they show to international criminals, that democracy is for all of us and not for the rich alone and that BJP has nothing to gain other then shame and ignominy if they continue to deny the genuine rights of ExServicemen.
If it is just sacrifice that they call upon to us to make I state on behalf of all of us that we are ready. We are willing to replicate the successful protest rallies that we had conducted at Vellore and other places in Tamil Nadu in as many other places as necessary.
We came together a few years ago to save the Madambakkam Lake when the councilors of Madambakkam drafted a dastardly plan to locate a sewage treatment plant adjacent to the lake. With our united strength we defeated that plan. We will gather again to struggle for OROP.
Our Chennai protest meeting, will take place at 10.00am on Sunday, 28 June 2015 at the Kamarajapuram Bus Stop at Sembakkam.
All Veterans of Chennai are expected to join us.
On this occasion we call upon you to donate liberally for the cause. Donors may contact me on my phone No. 8056163792.
Cheques / drafts in the name of Lt Col CR Sundar may be sent to Plot No. 43, 24th Cross Street, Padmavathy Nagar, Madambakkam, Chennai – 600126. Cash may be deposited in Punjab National Bank, Agaram Road Branch, Bank Acct. No. 3958000100034467.
Let us work to make the event a success.

(Source- Sainik Darpan)


  1. Today news is pu lished in Indian Expresss that the govt is fear that if OROP implemented then their will be disatisfication among jawan as their pension will increase from 500 to 1700 permonth but officers pension will increase from 10000 to 20000. I think the govt should compare differnce of pay of officers and jawan from Ist pay commission and according pension should be calculated. This injustice because officer only worried about them self not about jawan while recommending to pay commission. This unjustice that officer will get increase 10000 to 20000 by OROP but jan will get 500 to 1700. Jawan total pension will be less then 10000 after OROP. But officer will get 10000 to 20000 increase by OROP. Govt should see welfare of Ex jawan. Who are always handicap who can not open their mouth during service. They are in the mercy of officers during the service what they recommend. Seeing this the moral of serving jawan will go down that in the first pay commission the differnce of pay of officers and jawan was 50 % to 100%. But now differnce will be 6 times. That one officer will get pension 60000 and jawan will get less than 10000. It shows that the difference have gone from 100% to 600%. It will great injustice to Jawan. I think while calculating the the pension figure from ist pay commission to 6 pay commission should be taken into consideration. Why so much jump of officers and jawan pay from 100% to 600%. Pension should be increased perposationly for officeers and jawans. Then only purpose of OROP will be met. The formula lies with the govt what ever required. I think govt should give justice to all jawan and ex jawan.

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