Sunday, June 21, 2015


Anil Kaul
21 June at 00:29

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Even As the on going hunger strike by veterans enters the seventh day, it seems that the Govt of India remains unmoved towards coming to a decision on OROP. It is indeed sad that despite the outpourings of resentment coming from across the country from the striking ESM, with support from most sections of civil society the government is preferring turning a deaf ear so far. The security and welfare of those who gave their all for the Nation's security seems to be of no concern to the powers that be. 
To add insult to injury A major portion of the mainstream electronic media has preferred to ignore the issue totally despite real time information and news being given to them on a daily basis. The only vestige of importance being the regional electronic and to a large extent the print media who have been supportive of the cause. The mainstream print media has also ignored the plight of octogenarians and even some 
nanogerianarians who could be in a totally different line of fire while waiting eternally for the announcement.. The fate of widows and orphaned children as also those with combat disability has been left hanging on the file laden tables of the Ministry of Finance that despite all its yogic contortions, the PMO cannot have them moved. 

In view of this stalemate, UFESM has 
convened a

coordination committee at 
1100 hours at

Jantar Mantar on 22 June 2015
to finalize the

next course of action including 
escalation of protests

as also form of Direct action. 

Once finalized the details will be conveyed to all concerned.

Col Anil Kaul, VrC Veteran 

Media Advisor & Spokesman


(Source- Via facebook & Vasundhra blog)


  1. Sir,

    It is now clear that, the Govt. Of India wants us to go for more strong protests, our peaceful approach is not at all noticed by the leaders instead they are introducing Trojan horse method to solve issue by advising Rats. Policemen to form association s and to project demands of similar nature.

    Mem. AFVAI

  2. Interests of veterans will be better served by following the people who are currently involved and not by any other way like it is done by others does not fit the veterans who once wore the uniform and never questioned the politicians who till date cannot differentiate between a guerilla and a gorilla.

    1. Major Harmohinder SinghJune 22, 2015 at 9:28 AM

      Dear United Front Members, I have a sincere request to you all if you could kindly bring Veteran Anna Jee in our struggle, brief him about our Aim to achieve OROP.I am sure the Entire Media and the entire Country will come in the ACTIVE MODE to support our Cause of getting OROP at the earliest..

  3. Dear sirs,

    federal set up between states and centre has been hampered, no amicable relationship among states and central governments, our problem they have thrown into dustbin, interests of veterans are mean and miniature in the mind of modi, he does not bother about the country, on seeing all these abnormal things, advaniji says there is emergency like situation, his own partman none other them

  4. In addition to any other action the coordination committee may take, taking the government to SC is strongly recommended as the government council had committed that OROP would be implemented as per the SC order.That time is over already.
    By the way , in all this OROP demonstrations, the government has not bothered to even make payment of arrears of pension due from 01.01.2006 to 24.09.2012 as per SC ruling. Any solution for this?
    A totally indifferent approach of this Modi government towards ESM should be reciprocated in the same way whenever a chance arises.

  5. DM says he will not speak for six months, no problem, don't speak, you will work isn't it, or that also you are stopping, what's the use of buying latest equipment, when the man behind the machine is not looked after properly, think of it dear concerned, dhobara socho

  6. Sir, Please invite Anna hazare to the venue of hunger strike and let him explain to the whole country what is OROP. In the mean time, give a call to the service personnel who are on leave in and around Delhi to participate in the event.Organise a major procession to march towards PMs residence/ rail /rail /road roko and make our presence felt. It is now or never.

  7. I think now we should start dharna at 7 race course road infront of PM residence, FM redidence and near Parliament. Then only electronic media will focus. Some group give dharna in near state capital. Or chief ministers residance. Electronic media is i think mostly i thinks they relay the news which for they are paid. I think it is not jurnilism it is their business.

  8. why not to form a political party ...

  9. why not to make new political party...