Thursday, June 25, 2015

Honorable MP Dr. Ravindra Babu Pandula About INDIAN ARMY

Published on Apr 28, 2015

This is what our beloved MP, who believes that the 'people of India' crowned them the VVIP status has got to say about INDIAN ARMY on Times Now Newshour Debate. Brace yourself to watch this video.

we require military rule under the leadership of people like Major Vijay. I am ashamed of being ruled under these politicians and I sincerely apologise to the rest of the India behalf of my constituency in Andhra Pradesh for electing this stupid bastard as an Member of Parliament.

+dheeraj inampudi The problem is that the poor and uneducated don't see these videos and only see a photo. This guy doesn't understand that he has to serve the people and not a king

I did not want to waste my precious time because the person in question 'Pandu' does not deserve any attention.  However being an ex-soldier my blood boiled on hearing what this illiterate guy was saying. I feel sorry for this illiterate guy who unfortunately is an elected representative of the Indian Parliament.  What did he get the doctorate for?  It is really pathetic that Arnab is calling him Dr Pandula even after that guy proved that he is a worthless character.   While our country has many great parliamentarians cutting across party lines we also have these type of characters.  The Indian Army is a great Organization and the soldiers have been trained not to bother about the barking dogs.  A soldier remains a soldier for ever but an MP is not.

+Williams Antony The sad fact is he took voluntary retirement from Indian Revenue Service

+Williams Antony Sir I am not from the Army..But still sir it boils my blood to see this idiot barking non sense. Well said sir, I dont know why Arnab is calling him Dr. and insulting the other doctors and Doctorate holders. Like you said sir the Army is a Great Organization and we all sleep safely every night because we believe that men like you and your officers and Jawans are sweating out and bleeding out for our safety. And again like you said...Once a Soldier always a Soldier...Tigers dont loose slepp over the Braying of Donkeys and grunting of Pigs..Salute Sir to You and the Army. Jai Hind....Jai Jawan....

Such a scum bag this Pandula Ravindra Babu. Please don't elect him as CM in the future. A request to all my fellow citizens from AP.

He will never be elected

+Ramandeep Singh but sadly, this guy can actually be re-elected again. Because there are a lot of people who don't have access to this kind of information which shows his true colors.

what does he think of himself . he talked about these issues ,but about our soldiers that give life for our country every other day. does even notice that . tell him to go and fight in border and if he cant fight so he has no right to talk like that.

This what happens whn people don't cast their vote to the right person but vote fr their caste instead...

military men put their lives on the line to protect these people living in india,i feel sorry for indian army to deal with these kind of persons.

which university granted Dr. to this guy !! god help us with such idiots in politics who have influence on many things, unfortunately!!

I feel ashamed to say that he got elected as MP from our state AP .  He has basically got an loose tongue which got habituated by commenting on his opponent parties irrelevantly without proper content . One should take him to border and show him the kind of struggle what armymen face to give security to all fellow brothers and sisters of his country .

shame shame shame shame.......this is how a politician has to react to a major......we have to shoot this mp first before shooting down terrorists...

My Sincere Apologies to all defence people

Scumbag. I feel for the people who elected him.

Throw dat douchebag out of our country, he doesn't deserve to be an Indian. Piece of shit

+Sachin bolar People should stop electing such assholes.

From all this mess I understood that Dr Pandula's mental condition is poor. My sincere apologies to The Indian Army on behalf of the people of Andhra Pradesh. As I am a common man of India I am paralyzed to punish this .......

Fucking asshole Pandula. What an asshole. I wish we could elect Army ad Teachers and doctors as our PMs and CMs and MLAs. People like Pandula should be sent to the front as cannon fodder.

Harish Kante Shared on Google+ · 11 hours ago

TDP should rethink on whom to select and not to

Meanwhile, at 3:03, the bald guy at the bottom right corner of the screen looks at his mobile phone while an important issue is being discussed and debated. I feel ashamed to be calling them our 'Elected Representatives'.

arnab goswami why you call also these ass hole like pandula. His comment show his true character

really most of these idiots think like this, and call themselves elected

Its such a shame that we people elect such people who possess no regard for the people protecting borders of our nation. MR.PANDULA , its people like you who put our country to shame.would you hv got no protection...probably..u wudnt hv been alive to gv such obnoxious statements. U r such a black spot in the name of an INDIAN. Unlike you, we all have highest level of respect for our soldiers(we owe it to them and are extremely thankful).People like you , who got everything in silver platter lack the potential of understanding the realities of life.there is more to this nation than just buying votes , corruption and thanklessness....which m sure u wont understand.may you rot in hell or better die in the hands of our enemies facing the torture!!...i really do pray ill for u.

that assole shd be shot in balls for speaking nonsense........

Can someone post the link to the full episode of this debate please

I so wish that idiotic Pandula belongs to Pakistan and if he had given such a statement than what could be happened with him even he couldn't imagine that. U poor pandula just thanks to the army that they respect the robust democratic system of the country and one more thing, they are not like you pandula. This pandula is mentally retired, he must be examined under surveillance, he is in critical condition. he should be killed like a mad dog.

Pandula is nothing but a ba***rd

TDP gave ticket to the wrong person! Pandula Ravindra Babu, shame on you sir.

It is shame to say that Mr or Dr Pandula.  You are shameful creature of India. Setting in the post of MP telling all this things,  I can not under stand how you have been elected has MP and I am very sorry to say for Andra people who elected you as a MP.  I don’t want say Mr or Dr Pandula, but I am calling  Mr Because I am an Ex servicemen and not like you simply enjoying the people’s money and doing all the corruption and cheating the Indian  Those who came from good family he/she never say bad about Military. He should ask an apology in front of public. PM/CM  and people of Indian should not spare him and excuse him.  This thing should be seriously taken by all the Three Military Chief.  It is a black point for our country and all Military people.

we should here this, after all v voluntarily voted for these idiots, wat a shame!!

If we can't vote out such senseless brutes, what should we do?

KASAB was much better when compared to this  TDP MP ..... cultureless idiot....

Sadly even many of my friends think this way....they have no idea of the toll that the army service takes on the person and his/her families.

I am not an Indian but if a politician comments this way against army in any western country he will be shot and hung and then shot some more and left to rot in the sewers.

This TDP MP from Andhra Pradesh is a elected as MP, talking unparliamentary language. He is such bastard, feels ashamed hen used such a word on the great Army soldiers. Being a AP citizen. I am feeling very very shame. Kill this bastard

Such a scumbag!!

A mp like him should be jailed and should be lashed every freakin day a 1000 times for a statement like this !!

Ek baap ki aulad hota tho aisa nahi bolta

Mahender Reddy Shared on Google+ · 12 hours ago

This parliamentarian is a shame on the indian democracy


Blood boiling indeed...

He should not left blank.  TDP cheif Mr Chandra Babu Naidu should take action against him.  this type of MP should not allowed to enter inside the Parliament

Bloody hell, take that "Honorable" moniker away from his name

pandula's face look like shit....,,,and i mean it..

I am saying sorry on behalf of this MP. You soldiers are proud to this country. I salute you . I respect you. Jai hind

Fuckoff these kind of MPs .......... First military should concentrate these kind of people in side the india.... terrorist are not only in out of the country..... terrorist are also inside the india also like these kind of the people.......... fire from those respected chair,

From where did he get his doctorate. He does not even know to speak English properly. Probably got his doctorate from where Smriti got  her degree.

What an asshole!

Just a wounder how this gandula is prefixed with " Dr"

This character is either mentally disordered or has some jealous on/over Military person. Probable his mother will definitely know how this bloody Bastard born to that stupid Bastard father. One "Q" ?. Does he obey to CM/PM. He should make an apology in front of public. CM/PM should not spare him and excuse him by stating that it was his personal remark about Army.

(Source- Youtube-Times now)


  1. Why are the three chiefs of defence keeping quite, he should be taken to task, Mr chandrababu naidu should take action on this MP, even the speaker should reprimand him along with parliament affairs minister, and finally defence minister should take a call on this unparliamentarian MP

  2. what is the meaning of Pandula?

  3. the TDP president itself is a cheater and the brother will be the Big Cheater and I dont think this uneducated person is a part our country, he saying about Army men getting something free my question to this Idiot is when you are working for common man why dont you live like a common man why the hell you need A/C car and lavish life. man my blood reached boiling point when I heard his comment he is lucky I am not at that place if I am there my hand would give him a very good lesson and answer

  4. Mark Of respect and Difference..
    Brig BU Kumar
    "Excerpt from the book “Toward Resurgent India ” written by Lt Gen ( Retired ) M M Lakhera --- Freedom First - August 2009:
    I had gone to UK as Dy Leader of Indian Delegation to take part in 50th Anniversary Celebrations of victory in Europe during Second World War. I along with four other army officers had just stepped out after attending the inaugural session and were waiting on the roadside for the traffic to ease so as to walk across the road to the vehicle park. Among those with me was Honorary Captain Umrao Singh, a Victoria Cross Winner. All of a sudden a car moving on the road came to a halt in front of us and a well dressed gentleman stepped out. He approached Umrao Singh and said, “Sir, may I have the privilege to shake hands with the Victoria Cross winner?” He shook hands with him. Evidently he had spotted Umraio Singh’s medal from the car and had stopped his car to pay his respect to a winner of highest gallantry medal of his country.
    Then he looked at me and said, “General, you are from the Indian army.” When I replied in affirmative, he gave out his name saying that he was Michael Haseltine. I was absolutely astounded as the recognition dawned on me that he was the Dy Prime Minister of UK .
    I was totally overawed by the courtesy shown by a dignitary of second highest status in the British Government and humbly thanked him for having invited our delegation to the VE day function. Again his reply was typical of his sagacity, “It is We, the British who should be grateful to your Country and to your Armed Forces, who had helped us win both the first and second world wars. How can we ever be so ungrateful to forget your country’s great contribution?
    Suddenly I became conscious that all the traffic behind his car had come to a standstill. I hurried to thank him and politely requested to move along to relieve the traffic hold-up. He stated, “Sir, How dare I drive off when the Victoria Cross has to cross the road.” Realizing his genuine feeling, I and my colleagues quickly crossed the road. Reaching the other side I looked back and saw that Mr. Heseltine was still standing for the Victoria Cross to be safely across.
    That is the type of regard they have for their decorated soldiers. I have always aspired that similar respect could be shown to at least Param Vir Chakra or Ashok Chakra winners by the leaders and prominent figures in our country.
    This is how Britain honors her decorated soldiers.
    Indian Born free (Basterd) MP says it is booze people join Defence and that donkey is not Sorry for what he said on national Television..

  5. As major said every MP should serve Indian defense services for at least 3months to prove themselves to be eligible to be a
    MP and should eat the same food that a soldier eats every day on the border disrespecting Indian defense is equivalent to disrespecting the nation he should be thrown out of the country....

  6. This person Pandula Ravindra babu does not deserve the doctor degree because he lacks the basic ethics. Probably he must have been selected to IRS cadre on the recommendation of some other politician/money power.
    Doubts arises he must have resigned from IRS service prematuredly, may be he has made many scandals and looted the Nation's wealth. A CBI enquirry to conducted/to be intiated on the assets owned by this person.

  7. Remove the words "Honourable" "MP" "Dr" before his name on your web page please. This asshole does not deserve these titles. He is worse than any animal.

  8. I Pity that poor MP he don't deserve to be an India. He forgot the basic thing that if he is talking because the Army people. My salute to the Army and being an Indian waiting for his punishment.

  9. In fact I am getting high BP when I hear the comments of Dr Ravindra Babu. MP feels that there is no difference between his chalas and defense personnel. It is not Defence people to react, it is people in general to react.

  10. He don't deserve to be as MP anymore. Should be punished Mr.Ravindra Babu. His Dr degree should be taken back.