Monday, June 1, 2015


​Dear All

Mail from Chairman is reproduced below.

The Govt has not implemented OROP. To get our justice,Strong Agitation has been planned with effect from 14 June 2015.

Maha Sangram Rally will be held on 14 June 2015 at Jantar Mantar ftom 10.30 AM to 2.30 PM.

All ESM,our members of the families and our supporters are requested to attend.

Now or Never,no one to stay back.Please join the Maha Rally.

From 15 June 2015 Relay Hunger Strike will start with Gp of ESM at 09 AM for 24 hours and fresh Gp will sit on Hunger Strike at 9AM Daily at Jantar Mantar and in State Capitals and Districts.

Please volunteer for the Hunger Strike and org the same.At Jan​tar Mantar.

We will continue till OROP Implementation  letter is issued.

Boycottall Govt Functions incl 15 Aug and 26 Jan . Veterans  Contingent not to take part on Parade at Delhi.

We will intensify the Agitation with more activities after discussion ​w​ith the def fraternity. 




Maj Gen Satbir Singh, SM Chairman IESM 09312404269.

(Source- e-mail from Cdr W Pathak


  1. sir MILITARY COUP is the only solution..i am fed up of all i watched col ANIL KOUL on Zee news..That was totally unbearable..These hrami politicians are taking soldiers for granted..Exservicemen's are not beggars...only military coup n then publice shooting of ALL..ALL..ALL..politicians is the solution..Hope my commnt 'll b publised.

    1. Very well said . I fully agree with you.
      These politicians are all liars & cheaters.
      Most of the politicians & babus are selfish &dishonest

  2. I also watch the znew debate both the cong and bjp candiate are have not single word replay of Col koul words but all the politician are shame proof don't believe it they are all registered liers

  3. Please advertise the about the 14th June 2015 Rally and Hunger strike with a request to join by Ex-servicemen in local news papers, which will spread wide awareness. If we show our concerns in large numbers, then only political class will awake and think of taking right decision at the earliest.

  4. The FM is the real Anty hero of this drama.He will never allow the Govt to declare the O R O P.Now a new step he introduced is service in the rank is also to be considered for OROP which will be more complicate and is contradictory to the approved definition of OROP.This is introduced only to prolong the matter since there is no record in PPO as well as in sheet roll of pensioners.It will be very difficult to find out the service in rank of very old pensioners live or dead as the record office does not keep old records above 25years.Hence we should stick to the definition already approved by the Govt.And all Veterans should cooperate in this struggle until we achieve the GOAL.Jai Hind.

  5. Bring out the disadvantages of serving in Armed Forces with the present conditions both financial and professional hardship to the country men to discourage them to join Armed Forces.

  6. Please dont attend tv debates on national chanel,boycot all politicians in tv debate and ask the tv media to show only veterans faces and comments.

  7. Equal length of service in the same rank for equal pension is a misplaced and very objectionable kind of consideration. Officers used to get Major's rank after 13 years of service earlier where as now they become Major with six years of service. Half of the officers used to retire as majors if they were to retire after putting in 20 years of service. But now after 20 years of service would have put in Seven years service in major's rank. Hence misplaced consideration.

    During yesteryears rank of colonel used to be a second selection rank and rank of lt col being first selection rank. Hence colonels of yester years should not be equated with Col of today. One becomes Colonel now with about 14 years of service whereas earlier one used to become a Colonel with about 21 to 22 years of service. Hence, a colonel of these days would have put in about six years of service in that rank when he completes 20 years total length of service whereas previously one might not have yet become a colonel. Hence, same length of service in a given rank for similar pension will lead to too many complications and litigations for these anomalies have cropped up due to ever changing policies of the Govt on which an officer had no control.

    Look at a jawan, one may become a Naik or Havildar with about seven or eight years of total service in a particular unit whereas in another unit one would be becoming a Naik with about 15 or more years of service. This disparity is because of reasons on which an individual has no control.

    Similar pension for equal length of service in a given rank would be appropriate for time scale ranks only. For selection grade or vacancy based promotions this consideration is misplaced. Correct consideration would be total length of service for similar pension, as per the Koshiyari committee recommendations.

  8. Must think out of the hat go for Bihar first and then UP or go for rally on 15August

  9. Need such steps to show the power of EX-Servicemen. UPA or BJP both are playing dirty politics only. After Having RM Like Mr. Parikar also they have not changed. After the statements of RM we can find the difference on his earlier & current statements. RM also felt the politics in it so now he is not giving any time periods as he fail to fulfill the earlier words.

  10. Request you all to share this link in your FB & TWEETER account ans make it viral on social media. By this we can get public support also. I have already shared this link on my FB n TWEETER account.

  11. The complication in calculation of OROP has been sold by the babus to FM by introducing the number of years served in a rank as the new definition of OROP. Did Koshiyari committee waste their time in arriving at an all acceptable definition of OROP. Possibly, DM saw thru their game and used his head to clear the proposal but the great wizard FM was managed by the babus and hence the file will never be approved by FM. And since in BJP hierarchy FM has a greater say, DM had to cut a sorry face and toe the FM's line. PM hasn't seen the head and tail of the file and has made a fool of himself by complicating the issue. BB babus are now laughing loud at the stupid BJP after befooling Congress.