Wednesday, October 12, 2016

7TH CPC - THE SKEWED DISABILITY PENSION TO AF PERSONNEL : Skulldugery by the IAS (Indian Army's Shatru) (By Brig Avtar Singh (Retd)

From : Brig Avtar Singh (Retd)
To : Brig CS Vidyasagar (Retd),

Dear Brig,

While the facts stated by you in the mail are correct, your analysis/interpretation is incorrect & misleading as you have not looked into the future & implications of Fixed vs %age based DP.

You may like to consider :-

DP is given only after retirement calculated on the last pay drawn.(in 7CPC based on pay in the Matrix).

A person at the time of retirement will be, at least, at the highest time-scale rank with highest corresponding pay in the Matrix for that rank.

Almost all OR will retire at min Nk/Hav level with pay of 44-50000 in the Matrix. DP at 30% will be 13200 to 15000.

A JCOs retiring pay at max service will be 70-90000 with DP of 21000-27000.

Similarly ALL offrs will retire as Lt Col and above with pay range 150000-220000. DP above 45000.

In all am cases % age based DP is beneficial.

Not beneficial cases are likely to be- presently retired OR below Nk rank,presently retired offrs below Maj. Some Retiring Hon Lts. For All these cat of pers a protection clause as at present is required.

Also if & when a portion of DA (50 % etc) is merged with pay there would be corresponding substantial increase in DP in %ge based sys & NO increase if Fixed based.

Also if the Fixed system was beneficial the Civ/Police would have fought tooth & nail to get it, which thy have not!!!

The statements made by MOD on the issue are to confuse the affected pers & mislead all other. Babus are very clever & expert in misleading. Initially even the APPC were misled on the issue.

Rather than take the MOD side, we must fight to get at least parity with the Civ/CPOs in DP.

Pl also visit pay research.blogspot to get another view on the DP issue.

Brig AS 

(Source : Via Gp e-mail from Brig Avtar Singh (Retd)


  1. Absolutely true and bang on.

  2. Long queue for recruitment means less pay and perks for AFs. Open your business and challenge Gujarat in Business acumen. As of now many are willing to die for cheaper rates even in Pakistan.

  3. With due respect to Brig Vidyasagar, I do not know why he is advocating slab system of disability pension. It is not beneficial to any one in the long run starting from Sepoy to General. This slab system has been instituted to settle scores against armed forces and to degrade them .Col Vijay