Tuesday, October 25, 2016


The Govt has downgraded the Status of Military Officers compared to their civilian counterparts, a new Defence Ministry letter accessed by HT has revealed.
A civilian principal director, who was equivalent to a brigadier, has been equated to a two-star general, a director-ranked officer to a brigadier and a joint director to a colonel, triggering widespread resentment in military circles. Until now, a colonel was equivalent to a director and a lieutenant colonel to a joint director.
The letter, dated October 18, talks about rank “equivalence” between Defence Officers and “Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service Officers”. It says issues regarding rank equation were examined in detail. “By this equation, a captain is equivalent to a civilian Group B section officer. This isn’t mischief, but mischief-plus by bureaucrats,” said an army officer on condition of anonymity.
The letter, signed by a Jt Secy, says the Govt has referred to administrative orders issued by the Army, Navy and Air Force during 2003-08. Several serving officers HT spoke to said the orders mentioned in the letter were only for internal cadre management. “They have deliberately misinterpreted the orders. It’s an attempt to reverse clearly established protocols established by successive pay panel reports and court rulings,” said another officer, who did not wish to be named. He said the diktat was also against the spirit of recommendations made by a GoM headed by Pranab Mukherjee after the 6th Pay Commission report.
The letter states the rank equation laid down in it is to be followed in assigning duties/functional responsibilities and for all purposes such as channel of reporting, detailing of officers for training courses, providing stenographic assistance etc. HT is in possession of the letter.
A defence ministry official said he was aware of the communication but not all the details, adding that the letter says some points have been reiterated. The letter says in the recent past some directorates have sent communications questioning the established rank equations by relying on incorrect information.
The letter No A/24577/CAO/CP Cell further states, “A common presumption in these communications is a pay determined rank equation which is erroneous as a different pay and rank structure exists for the the armed forces.” 
The letter has the Defence Minister’s approval.
The letter has stoked a controversy at a time when the Armed Forces and the Ministry have divergent views on the 7th Pay Commission report and the OROP. “The October 18 letter has downgraded the status of Defence Officers to a level lower than even Group B service officers. We have been stabbed in the back,” said a senior officer.
The civil-military rift will further widen if the issue is not resolved, said sources. “For the morale of soldiers, victory in this internal battle is very important,” the sources added.
(Source - Hindustan Times : http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/govt-downgrades-ranks-of-defence-officers-civil-military-rift-may-widen/story-7wRhPFtO5mI2vbEtDulIVJ.html )


  1. Good. If we issue admin orders, if issued, with out due thought, the result is obvious.
    Now if capt is gp B then by implication the SM is UDC (sr adm asst) and down the line a soldier is below MTS or a contract worker out of govt str. Great. Pay shall accordingly be fixed.
    Pl stop creating such rifts among rank str of armed forces by selective leaks of discussion papers.
    Yes the two sides are in discussion and in attempt for supremacy such things, though in bad taste, may be said.
    Beaurocracy, as citizens of India, also shall refrain from putting such issues, a wrong intr, on paper (if the purported letter is written) Better discuss in camera

  2. Why does mily allow back stabbing time and again.Be active ,vigilant and initiate activity and actions to prevent such untenable ,illegitimate actions( so named back stabbing) by low level and all grades of section officers and secretaries of low grade - all and sundry on be half of Govt.
    What is the position of mily heads in Govt??.They are also in Govt and from Govt
    They have to assert on such issues and cannot remain passive and wake up after years when it is too late to act to rectify and resolve.
    This is where mily machine with its heads at all levels should act to check this gradual down gradation.

  3. As long as the political decisions are made by the bureaucrats, the status of the Armed Forces personnel will get diluted. Our recent counter to Pakistan's misadventures were considered a win for the top bureaucrat and the politicians who ordered it and not for the executioners. For the mistakes of the politicians banning the Pakistani artists, a film maker wants to compensate the martyr's sacrifices, and this got the encouragement by a CM of a state government. The top echelons in the military setup must wake up to reality instead of counting their post retirement benefits. Where has the chivalry of the Generals gone.

  4. Such things are bound to happen if we continue accepting and are scared to put up points stroƱgly to concerned too notch.

  5. The President/ The Supreme Commander does not make appointment to group B posts.All the parchments/appointments of defence officers/group A are signed by the President himself who is the only and ultimate authority in the matter. Legally no authority below him can decide civil military parity which is a long pending issue due to absence of which the issue of Saurabh Kalia's could not be taken taken to International tribunal. Hence any such order by any lower authority is bad in law and is clearly challengeable before the court.Fortunately, the opportunity has presented itself in the form of this letter. All that it takes is only a single officer to take the matter to the highest court as writ petition and sort out the matter for ever.

  6. Well done By the government For The Army. The Government's agencies in others hands appreciate the Army,sSacrifice. The appreciate it In National disastrous consequences of national and international level.On other Side down graded to the civil Counter part. The Part Of Government is closing eyes and ears deliberately sign Such orders. The are going behind the control of patience Of Army. The reason why people are not coming to join the Army.about10000postofficers are vacant and About One Lakhs PBOR Are forced to take retirement.One Day No one will have Interest too join the army.

  7. Guess its time to leave the service and do whatever.... Open a pan shop on the road. At least one will have more piece if mind. This govt has destroyed the enter essence of being a service man

    1. As per equivalency of rank between Army and civilian officers, the responsibility of posts are considered irrespective of grade pay as higher grades pay are assigned to Defence Forces on account of their tough duties. Defence Services are not classified as Gazetted GP A, Gazetted GP B, Non Gazetted GP B, Non Gazetted GP C but classified as Class 1, Class II, Class III and Class IV and similarly civilians Posts also not classified as Class I,II,III &IV.The Posts of CIVILIAN Gazetted officer of Gp. B and above are equivalent to Commissioned officers. For Example Delhi Police Assistant Commissioner of Police having Three crowns is recruited as Group B Gazetted Officer in Grade PAY 4800/- through UPSC. Similarly other Civilian Group B Gazetted Officers inclusive of Section Officer,Income Tax Officer,Custom Suprintendent,Astt. Director etc bearing Grade Pay 4800.The Organisation of M.E.S also include Gp. B Gazetted Officer as Assistant Engineer in Grade Pay 4600/- whereas Sub. Major in M.E.S having Grade Pay 4800/- perform the duty of Junior Engineer under Civilian Asst. Engineer as Post of SUB.Major is equal to civilian GP B Non - Gazetted officer. There should be no disput between Army and civilian officers on basis of pay but defines on the basis of their roll.Brigadier/Air Cmde/Cmde is the post of Junior Administrative Grade(Selection Grade) equal to the civilian Post of DIG/Principal Director/Additional CDA/Sr. Deputy AG but below one step to Jt. Secretary/Police IG/CDA/Accountant General/Commissioner of income tax or post graded as Sr. Administrative Grade. From - RAKESH SANGWAN, LAO

  8. Mr parrikar and Mr Modi downgrading arms forces functional at par civil is unfortunate and further demorlising means your intension towards arms forces is completly different as you pretents. Could change your entire political goal in coming days.

  9. Literally feeling ashamed of not only the babus but of our representatives who are silent on such incidents.