Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Surgical strikes needed against Pak; Islamabad can't win a war without China's help: Baloch leader

Pic Courtesy - ANI
New Delhi: A prominent Balochistan freedom movement leader Naela Baloch on Wednesday backed India's surgical strikes along the Line of Control to eliminate the Pakistan-backed terrorists.

Lambasting the Pakistani Army, the president of World Baloch Women's Forum said, ''the Generals ruling the country don't believe in peaceful protests, democracy and human rights.''
Thanking India for supporting the Balochistan freedom movement, Naela Baloch said, “Pakistan won’t be convinced with peaceful protests, it needs surgical process”.
She appealed to the United Nations and international community to pressurise Pakistan to stop its atrocities on the Baloch people and support Baloch freedom movement.
Praising India, the Baloch leader said, “Pakistan can't win any war against any nation, it can’t even fight us (Balochistan), they've to seek China's help.”
“If Pakistan and Balochistan are left alone, we can free Balochistan from them in a day,” she asserted.
Naela Baloch, who arrived in India yesterday said, ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the human rights violations issue, the international community has spoken against Pakistan.
Last month, Ryszard Czarnecki, the vice president of the European Parliament, had said some strong words for Pakistan on the Balochistan issue.
Czarnecki warned Islamabad of imposing economic and political sanctions on Pakistan if it fails to stop the atrocities on Baloch people.
Ever since PM Modi highlighted the human rights violations in Balochistan, several Baloch leaders living in exile have been aggressively advocating for freedom of the restive region from the clutches of Pakistan.
Pakistan's illegal occupation of Balochistan has gained international attention after PM Modi mentioned about the struggle of Balochi people during his Independence Day speech from the ramparts of Red Fort on August 15.
Notably, the Baloch National Movement (BNM) has said that Beijing is supporting Pakistan in the mass killing of the Balochi people courtesy the China Pakistan Corridor Project (CPEC).
Several Baloch leaders have accused Pakistan of using helicopter gunships to attack civilian settlements and villages on regular basis across Balochistan, following which entire population is forced to migrate leaving behind a trail of burned down houses and bodies of executed youth.
(Source- Zee Media Bureau)


  1. Yes ! Beluchistan has to be liberated.Good.keep itup.

  2. They all are Pakistani at the end of the day. Lets not get carried away. Our own country has problems unlimited....ought to tread carefully