Monday, October 31, 2016


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Narendra Modi lauded the courage of soldiers and thanked the nation for sending them messages.
New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday lauded the courage of the soldiers and thanked the nation for sending them messages.
"From last few months our jawans (soldiers) are sacrificing their lives, we should celebrate this Diwali in their name," Modi said while speaking on Mann Ki Baat, his monthly radio address.
Modi also applauded Indian soldiers for their undying love and sacrifice for the country and said that this Diwali is dedicated to them. "Every citizen of the country is proud of our soldiers," he said. 
"People from all walks of life sent messages of love and encouragement for our jawans (soldiers), just as they light candles for their well being,' he added.
Modi also said that #Sandesh2Soldiers hashtag was used so much by everyone and we were flooded with well wishes and love for jawans from citizens.
"I also have to thank the citizens of the nation for their support and love for our security forces and jawans (soldiers) protecting us," he said.
Recognising the works of the Armed forces, Modi said, "Be it BSF (Border Security Force), CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force), Assam Rifles, ITBP (Indo Tibetan Border Police), Navy, Air Force, our jawans are on duty and guarding us. That is why we are celebrating Diwali joyfully," the Prime Minister said.
Modi also said that when we remember our soldiers on festivals we give a message that we are with them. More than 10 lakh messages have come for soldiers from across the nation. 



  1. Do not beat about the bush. Just tell the nation that you disobeyed the Supreme Court orders and sanctioned diluted OROP, Just tell the nation that ground reality is far away from what you tell them.
    By the way you could not give veterans, dues on Diwali. Now what next? Another committee?
    Remember, you can't fool all the people all the time.

  2. We all praise the PM for supporting the Armed Forces and using its valour time to time for political gain. Could he also stand firm with Armed Forces in their demand of respectable salary/pension/status than the civilians.

  3. The way the govt has treated the armed forces in the last few years especially in the last 2-3 years... it all appears that I wasted my life being an armed force personal.... I regrety decision of joining the forces... Maybe I was too young to understand all that at that time....

    1. Don't regret the past my dear brother. Soldiering is the only profession where you provide security to the society which intently denies security to him and his family. The nation needs young soldiers, but once out of service in the prime of their youth, they are wasted out. Knowing these harsh facts, we have been soldiering for decades. This very fact of sacrifice makes you different from the other common men around us. Jai Hind.

  4. Mr Modi still could not understand the concept of OROP and the reaction by his government in giving a diluted version. The bureaucrats are making a fool of him with false figures and facts. Why can't he sit down with a senior veteran and thrash out the OROP anomalies once for all honorably? Any good thing must be done in full and not half heartedly, and he knows better.

  5. EXservicemen are waiting for Govt approval for 50% pension on last scale of pay on the rank

  6. Our pm is just making nation and soldiers fool giving nothing except negligence they are giving there life but till now not giving real orop is he illiterate not know what is orop only msg and wish will not fill the stomach then why ministers and burocrats are taking house money and benefits our pm is a lier telling all lie to the nation and soldiers one day may be all will see that people are not joining to save this politicians as they are only taking all even till now no new pension for begger soldiers but they are thinking taking more

  7. Our pm is a Diwali time lier telling soldiers and nation all the false thing earlier said orop given after one year some thing given but informed pro sanctioned but till date no orop given

  8. Mr PM,we know how to celebrate Diwali and all else.Pl release our 7th PC arrears and salaries & pensions as u have done for all other Govt employees except military pers along with honest reason for singling out military for the humiliating delay. RG and AJ,both lack credibility,but by the time this debate settles RG's credibility will be restored but all the perfumes of Arabia can't restore AJ'S. BJP should come clean and stop humiliating the forces on a continuous, sustained basis.The country still trusts u by and far, though it;s diminishing but pl get rid of people like AJ WHOSE HATRED FOR FORCES and the other way round are not hidden from anyone.