Tuesday, October 11, 2016

TV DISCUSSION : Arnab Goswami struck soaked shoe Over Khun ki dalali Statment

(Source- Times Now/Youtube)


  1. Arnab your actions and verbatum you express are uncivilised. I t doesnot befit a gentleman.looks like a rowdy.if you want to survive behave like an anchor.do not behave like an asss.....

  2. Worst kind of idiot this chap. Can he shout at BJP like this? He will be kicked and put in jail. He always toes the line of people in power with utmost besharmi.

  3. Arnab, you are the best TV anchor ever,particularly, because of you are nationalistic and patriotic views and positions. You,truly represent the feelings of vast majority of Indians, who are sick of double speak by most politicians and even some journos-they intend to keep the divide in society intact while selfishly serving their self interest or that of their masters, who are in hiding.Probably, after the PM you are most referred/talked about person in India today,today.You are the bench mark against which all journos are measured and you are the only person, who is emulated even by common Indians on the street-its common, to hear in normal conversations"INDIA WANTS TO KNOW---".You are doing a great job,please continue on the path.