Friday, October 7, 2016

What do you think of India’s surgical strikes that took place against terrorists in Pakistan? -Swapnil Kabra, Indian by soul

We Indians are supremely happy (Not generalising).

They enter our country, they kill our soliders in our own den, what do they expect out of us?
The scene from the movie A Wednesday! (2008 Movie) is running in front of every Indian after today's surgical strike.
A coachroach enters our house….what do we do? We don't pet them, do we? We kill them and that's what our army has done today.
When people and opposition were blabbing about the PM Modi’s ‘all words and no action’ approach, our honourable Prime Minister was busy planning this surgical attack. Today our defence forces not just have won the strike but also the hearts of zillions.
Just look at the reaction after the surgical strike:
A Delhi based restaurant is offering 20% discount to people on their burgers as their tribute to the Indian army:
(The coupon code speaks all)
(Source- Quora digest)


  1. very correct we should not glorify our act ,but any attack on us should be replied in same language,other wide these Rajeevs,kejrivals will drop to any level to be in lime light

  2. I think the congresses traitors are eliminated

  3. All these political parties are making fool of themselves. They are the laughing stock of the day in the Army circles. After failing themselves in giving the dues to the veterans and servicemen, now the ruling party is claiming the fruits of the Army's deligent work, and the opposition, other parties and the public are questioning their integrity in performing their duty. Funny is mera desh.

  4. Desh ki Sena ne 56 inch ka seena dikha diya hai, ab MODIJI KI BARI HAI, NAHIN TO, YE SAMAJHA JAYE KI WOH BHI D.M. KI TARAH BABU LOGON KI 56 INCH KI TOND SE DARTE HAIN.