Saturday, October 8, 2016


Amazing message from a US Army General on the wall of a Washington restaurant. In a nation that truly honours its braves.



  1. "you can't expect a soldier to be a proud soldier if you humiliate him"
    Indian Soldiers are the only exception. More insult heaped on him the more loyal he proves to be.
    Systematically downgraded, treated dirt-like, insulted by successive pay commissions and politicians he penetrated enemy fortress, took revenge , destroyed launching pads and returned victorious. He did not care how he was treated by Babus and politicians and nor does he care for the vulgar one-up-manship display by political parties.
    The nincompoops who cannot differentiate between a "Badlah attack" a few meters across LoC and synergised invasion like strike deep into enemy territory are demanding proof of attack. Every politician has become a surgical specialist with claim of high risk surgery and its success .
    Let these uncouth caricatures masquerading as leaders spitting foul invectives on our armed forces and the govt who took the political decision to act against enemy, read the message on the wall of a restaurant by Gen.Arthur Hyman and ponder over what they are doing to the soldiers and veterans.

  2. Can anybody send this restaurants copy of photo to Hon Supreme commander of the Indian forces and to PM.

  3. We find every neta saluting the army today. Hope these people know the meaning of a salute. At the time of our independence struggle, almost all politicians participated with a nationalistic zeal with just no feeling if profiting from it. After independence, they were mostly genuine people with some free loaders and criminals among them..but today we find just a handful of good politicians while a majority if them are self seekers and criminals who find politics the most lucrative profession..They can do anything for their self interest. The way some if these rascals behave on TV shows is disgusting. And mind you, one finds them in all parties. What will happen to our country if such people would be at the helm of affairs, one shudders to visualise.

  4. We stand humiliated today for sure and for a long time now.

  5. We worship goddess but ill-treat and humiliate our women at home. Only a soldier in coffin gets salute .. is desh ki yahi fitrat hey